Nitrous Oxide injection (I have it)

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by Gear-Head, Nov 19, 2002.

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  1. Gear-Head

    Gear-Head New Member

    Hello fellow maxxers,

    Since spring of 2002 myself and my father have formed a company known as JAG RC, we have been very low key and kind of hush hush until now... We have developed a fully functioning nitrous oxide kit!!! We have gone through hours and hours and hours of testing, research, and development. We currently are in our final phase, we are waiting for our patent applications to come back. Unfortunately I cannot give post pictures of our injection unit at this point, however I can tell you we are planning on releasing prototypes within the next few weeks. I will be shooting video tomorrow of the kit in action, video will be available in our home page. I am very excited about releasing this product, and we will be able to show pictures of the product very soon. If you would have any questions please feel free to contact me at I may not be able to answer all your questions, but I will do the best I can.

    Jason M. Ray

    Here is a video, sorry about the quality. Please also not my tires were on backwards making it really hard to control, flipped them around and it worked great!!!
    Here is a link to the nitrous video.
  2. dcarman

    dcarman New Member

    Could i have a free one to test
  3. mpracing

    mpracing Member

    i dont think he will give away freebees that may work, that is a loss you know, maybe if you have given him stuff in the past and are best friends he may have, it is like saying can I have a free Kyosho MP7.5 Kanai Edition to test out? get my point? just letting you know your chances are 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

  4. mpracing

    mpracing Member

    I don't think their really is a nitrous injection, because we run nitro so their is no point.

  5. Gear-Head

    Gear-Head New Member

    Actually we are injecting nitrous oxide. Here is why it works, when you inject nitrous oxide you are increasing the oxygen content, more oxygen will burn the fuel more rapidly, more repid burn means more power. It works, I know I have tested it! If you would like more information visit
  6. mpracing

    mpracing Member

    well have fun rebuilding your engine everytime you use it, and if you use it at the wrong time watch you head fly !!

  7. Gear-Head

    Gear-Head New Member

    Actually, that is not the case either. The car in the video was on nitrous. I am just now needing a new piston and sleeve (The only reason is even needs it now is because it the air cleaner got knocked off when is rolled in some mud, it sucked a bunch in and that was that.) Here is another video on nitrous you can't really see the power gain very well because each of those rollers weigh about 5 pounds each. But it is noticable! By the way I have been running nitrous in my M16 now for several months. I will not try and tell you nitrous does not cause more wear, but it causes less wear.
  8. mpracing

    mpracing Member

    Well, I can believe that I guess, I will take your word, but I cant get the movies to work for some reason, can you e-mail them to me? At, thanks!

  9. RCboy

    RCboy New Member

    how much is it im a "maxxer"
  10. mpracing

    mpracing Member

    I think maybe around $70 to $100?? Just a guess, since he isnt replying. Try to e-mail him.

  11. Gear-Head

    Gear-Head New Member

    We have not yet released out price. We should be announcing it very soon. Sorry about not replying it has been very busy!
  12. GSstorm

    GSstorm Guest

    that video doesnt really show anything.
  13. Andyb22g

    Andyb22g New Member

    hey has anybody herd anything for this guy,i cant get ahold of him
  14. slickdawgz

    slickdawgz New Member

    his website is email him there
  15. Gear-Head

    Gear-Head New Member

    actually the website is the project is still moving forward and we are getting a lot closer, we are in our final stages!
  16. rc-crazy

    rc-crazy New Member

    ok i got one question is this only for a savage truck or can i put it in my 1/10 scale nitro rs4. and if i can where would i put it
  17. CaNaDiAnRaCeR

    CaNaDiAnRaCeR Member

    yea man...this sounds friend and I want to try one of your nitrous oxide kits (I have a Duratrax Overdrive ST, he has a HPI RS4) on our cars. We want to know the price and how much of an increase of wear there will be.
  18. dirtovaldominator

    dirtovaldominator New Member

    I have an hpi nitro rs4. I would also be intrested in one of these kits. i would like to have a little more information about them.
  19. HEy does aybody think this guy is bs us he said it puts more oxygen in the gas well what the #@$% is the carb for come on guys think.
    plus imagine how much that'll cost per quart if he isn't bs
    $20.00 min for a Quart
  20. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    Well here is the problem, how are you injecting the NOS into the engine. Are you going through the carb or strait into the engine. Since you would basically have to inject strait into the engine, not the cylinder, you are still basing the engine on the same principal as is was before. Suck air, mix with fuel in the crankcase, and then draw into the cyl and detonate. So now you have a very delayed shot of NOS because it has to mix first, unless you are forcing the engine to take NOS and thereby putting too much PSI in the Crankcase and causing the piston to return to BDC more slowly because of the unequal pressures. That will cause the piston to create less of a vortex in the cyl resulting in less fuel flow through the engine. Less fuel is less lube. All of this rambling is not saying that it is not possible. Just saying that if you want me to believe you have to back yourself up with some tech notes. Not a video. I have a system in the works that injects peroxide into the carb using measured bursts of co2 into a small 1oz tank and you figure it out from there.
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