Nice link for logging.

Discussion in 'Logging, Mining and Industrial Railroads' started by Raildog, Feb 3, 2004.

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    Link didn't work :cry:
  3. Raildog

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    Sorry bout dat! Try it now. I should have checked it before.
  4. cidchase

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    Some VERY cool pics, Raildog!!:cool: :cool:

    And if you back up to the top of the website
    there's a whole slew of great stuff!:) :) :)

  5. Summit

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    Owner of that site is a good friend of mine and is a member on this board, under the handle Lassen Logger. I've alerted him to the presence of this thread...perhaps he will jump in as well.

    Lassen Logger has spent a lot of time researching the logging railroads of the Susanville and Westwood (CA) areas, and he knows them very well. I'm sure he appreciates the plug.

    Elko, NV
  6. UPJunkie

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    this helps me out alot for my layout thanks alot bro:thumb: :thumb:
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    Re: Nice Link for Logging

    Thanks! Yes, I'm to blame for that web site. For various reasons, I've not been updating it for sometime now, but last week I got my ducks-in-a-row, and will start bringing it up to speed.

    Although I don't have this page linked to the Feature Forest Foto yet, here is a link to the newest page.

    Jimmy "B"
    Reno, NV
  8. Raildog

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    Like I said, there's a ton of information on your VERY nice site. Images and information such as you've posted are made all the better when they're shared. I got a little lost and posted the page I had up at the time. Amazing how easy it is to get distracted when your surfin!

    I found the site after putting "flat car" into the Google Image search.

    Anyone looking for images of ANYTHING on-line, can go to and find every image on-line that meet your criteria. They have a filter that you can set when the first page comes up, so you don't get fired when looking for pictures of "Chicken breast" at work. It's a great research tool.

    I also found another beautiful research tool. THE GAUGE! :thumb:
    BTW, I 'm looking for pictures of flat cars with and without loads, pre 1980.

  9. jon-monon

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    Thanks for starting the thread and posting the link, Raildog! I can't believe we didn't have this one in our sticky for logging sites, so I added it:

    Jackpot! (Logging info sites)

    Which, by the way, is another great resource for logging info., and if anyone has some other logging sites they like, big or small, please share them with us! ;)

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