Nice 1:200 airplane models

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by igoraf, Sep 22, 2006.

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    These are cool. Where's Texman? He'd probably shrink 'em even more. lol
  3. Richard

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    for Texman

    in case you're interested in building the f6f from this site, I recoloured it as a F6F-5K drone like the one on Jan Mace's site ( ) direct link to the profile is .
    Just let me know if you want to have the file.

  4. Texman

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    You bet I'm interested. I pm'd you with an address.


  5. Leif Oh

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    Scaled these models to 1:87

    I have done some preliminary work on these great offers from the Konradus site. The five aircraft models in 1:200 scale were all scaled to 1:87 and parts rearranged, plus spare parts added to the new print sheets.

    Here's the F-6F-3:

    And here's the Walrus as a further example:

    If you are interested in these versions have a look at this post at (all in English). And please don't use the examples above for building - they are low resolution illustrations, not to scale.

    The Kawanishi "Emily" was such a magnificent offer that I treated it in a separate post, with many images of the original and its history. It would make a grand 1:87 model, since a basic cockpit interior is provided. See this post immediately after the above. The 1:87 "Emily" was also recoloured to make a better match with the sole surviving original.

    Best, Leif

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