NiCD vrs ni-HM

Discussion in 'RC Onroad Forum' started by Exzir, Jan 15, 2004.

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  1. Exzir

    Exzir New Member

    My basic question is I have a Intellea peak charger and I have ni-hm and ni-cd batts but my ni-cd batts make my car travel about 1.5 times faster. useing a 10x2 motor. I have a 15x3 and a 12x3. I did not know if there was something I can test to see if the ni-hm are bad but I have 6 of them and all perform the exact same maybe a mile an hour off. Since the radar gun does not acuretly give you anything below 35mhs I can not tell you the exact but it is around 28-29mhs for the ni-hm and I know the ni-cd is 46-49mphs peak.

    Volts of the ni-hm are 8.5 and they are the 3000mah but when in operation it drops to 7.02 volts.

    the ni-cd paks are 7.6 and 2000mah drops to 6.9 volts when running car.

    I always drain the bats with the charger in the discharge mode then fast charge the pak at 6.5 peak charge amps. The batts are kept kewl and never really get above 50 degrees while chargeing. oh reason is I have a freezer everything is installed into.

    Oh if anyone wants to know what gears I have for the 4-tec it is 21t pinion and stock spur.
  2. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    I am assuming that you mean Ni-MH batts. Well I can say this. Ni-MH are a much better battery, simply because they dont have a "memory" and have to be completely discharged before they can be recharged. Also there is a battery making an appearance called the Li-ion
    (Lithium-Ion)which takes longer to recharge but it lasts considerably longer than either of the other two and also has no memory. But big $$
  3. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    i thought Lithium was a dry cell.but how many amps will they have?
  4. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    I am not sure on MaH of the lithium's but they make one for the Mini T from team Losi that gives it enough power to pop wheelies for the entire cycle of the batt. Which is about 1 or 2 hours. I imagine you could find facts for them on their website maybe? but not sure about that either.
  5. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    Oh and they make Li-ion batteries for cell phones so yes they can be recharged. It just takes longer.
  6. timrock

    timrock Active Member

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    Posted - 15 Jan 2004 : 11:30:56

    rockn82 said.I am assuming that you mean Ni-MH batts. Well I can say this. Ni-MH are a much better battery, simply because they dont have a "memory"
  7. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    rockn82 doesnt know what he is talking about.Ni-MH cells are better than Nicads because they have more capacity and are environmentaly friendly.
  8. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    no battery has `memory`.well maybe his batteries do because he doesnt know how to charge them.
    if you dont charge them and discharge nicads they can develope memory.
  9. rcosmax

    rcosmax Member

    hmmmm. that would seem to me that you just proved(by your own definition) that ni-cd have a memory. Once again timslops proving himself an idiot!
  10. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    you dont even know what memory means when it comes to cells so you should ask before you call names.
    nicads dont have memory.the can develope memory if you dont fully charge them before the discharge cycle.
  11. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    also the fact that they can develope `memory` isnt why NiMHs are better.NiMH are better because the have more capacity and are enviornmentaly freindly.Nicads have to be recycled.
  12. imfast

    imfast Member

    yes one of the batterys have a memory thing in it a battery company told me and my dad and all those people
  13. timrock

    timrock Active Member

  14. dudex

    dudex Member

    Timrock, you should stop insulting when they simply point out that you proved yourself wrong.just because he doesnt know what "memory" is that doesnt mean youre any less of an idiot.
  15. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    dudex i was insulted by this person several you should not tell me what i should or should not do when it comes to this.

    also,i never proved myself may seem that i did to poeple that dont understand.if one doesnt understand they should ask me instead of insulting me.
  16. mastmec

    mastmec Member

    More than likly the reason your car runs faster with the NiCD batteries is because they put out more voltage than the NiMH. Only the newest NiMH cells can put out more voltage than NiCD. NiCDs are still very good to run with stock motors, and NiMH batteries are better for mod. motors because they have more capacity- longer run times.
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