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    I have a little girl who would love to try to build it....
  2. Problem is there are no instructions yet -_- haven't got to them.
    I'm still painting the shadows and highlights of the clothing.

    18cm is about 7 inches, as long as my hand. There are 27 parts (packed onto one sheet ^_^).
    It would be sort of a medium+ skill level.
    Depending on age, patience and skill of your little girl...
    There is a Hako version on my page to start with (in a blue blouse):


    It'll be a couple weeks as I cycle back around to completing this model (got a certain TAKARA trailer in design as well), and start work on the Tendou sisters too :p

    Hmm, what's that...
    I hear pirates waiting eagerly for me to release this. *sigh*

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