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  1. Were going to be staying at our daughters for about 12 days and I was wondering if there are any forum members that live in the Wainfleet St.Catherines Ontario area.

    I'm retired so I would like to get to meet some of you fine people if your not to far out of the way and no I really don't want to head into cement city aka Toronto,so if your free and wouldn't mind some company for a bit some day just drop a note real quick on here and were heading out on July 12 to 25 - 27th.
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    I believe Doctorwayne and his fantastic layout are in the Welland area. :)
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    Bayview Junction is a great spot for viewing trains but it seems that the railway activity can vary a lot.

    One Saturday in June 2007, for example, my son and I visited that bridge at Bayview and we saw one train every 8-9 minutes. We were delighted and had great fun! :mrgreen: Then, our entire family returned about a month later, and were treated to a similar number of trains.

    However, when we returned on another weekend in November, we only saw two in about 1-1/2 hours! :confused::cry:

    It's still worth a visit as there are several lines of track to watch. You can see CN freight trains as well as VIA trains and (I believe) GO Trains as well.

    I can't blame you for not wanting to visit the "Concrete City," even though that's where I live!

    All the best,
  5. Gentlemen thankyou for the information,I was unable to get online until today and to let you know when I was a conductor with CN I had to go thru Bayview and always seen lots of people taking pictures there and at other locations depending on the routing of our train.

    Again thanks

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