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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by nuaetius, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. nuaetius

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    I have looked anywhere I can think of and I have not seen any of the new space vehicles in paper model form. Specifically I have been looking for these.

    Spacex Falcon 1 & 9
    Spacex Dragon Capsule
    Spacex Merlin Engine

    Bigelow BA330 model
    Bigelow Sundancer model
    Bigelow Genesis 1 and 2 models

    Oribital Taurus II

    Armadillo Aerospace Pixel or Tixel
    Armadillo Aerospace Module rocket

    Blue Origins Goddard Spacecraft

    I have built a Saturn 5 and a Shuttle Stack, but my real interest in the new space and cots programs. Anyone know if any of these have been created yet?

    BTW be gentile this is my first post on these forums... :mrgreen:
  2. Dyna-Soar

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  3. nuaetius

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  4. fructose

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    Yeah, mine is the original Taurus rocket with a larger fairing and extended second stage. Taurus II is going to be a very different rocket. Maybe at some point I'll design it, but I would need better info that what's available now.
  5. Dyna-Soar

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    Sorry, I didn't know the difference. Great models BTW.
  6. aphelion16

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    Im working on a SpaceX 1 launch vehicle. I started mine because there are not any spacex/cots models out there that I could find.
    ATK, the maker of the shuttle srb is working on a booster using a short stack srb plus a couple of other stages, maybe one from Taurus II.
    Also Im trying to work up some models of the Armadillo Aerospace company. They are working up what look like some solid rockets and have a great website.
  7. fructose

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    It's all good. And thanks, I try. :)
  8. Dyna-Soar

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