news form WAK - Spirit of St.Louis and IL-2m3 Sturmovik

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    Now avilable are two new models from WAK:

    1. Iliushin IL-2m3 Sturmovik
    scale - 1:33
    sheets with parts - 12xA4
    parts - 1068
    Camoufalge - cap. Jefimov - 2nd Sqn 198 SzAP, 233 SzAD - winter 1944/45 Prussia/Baltic.
    Model is very complicated and has many details. Many chosen arrament: bombs FAB-250, FAB-100, missles RS-132, RS-82, M-8, machine guns UBT 12,7mm, SzKAS 7,62 and cannons WJ-23 23mm or NS-37 37mm.


    [​IMG] - print screen with wing parts sheet
  2. WAK

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    2. RYAN NYP Spirit of St.Louis
    scale - 1:33
    sheets witf parts - 4xA4
    parts - 353
    Camoufalge :) Record flight of Ch. Lindbergh - New York - Paris
    Model id printed with silver paint. Very detailed canopy and engine.



    On our web site soon will be photos of completed models.
  3. jrts

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    Hi all

    Mike Krol from: -

    Will also have the Spirit out on 20/12/05 as a CD version of the kit.

    Iam building the model now for him, got to say its a great kit to build.
    I will post a thread of the build when its finished in the next few days.

    Have fun and take care all

  4. shoki2000

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    Thanks Rob.

    It is the same model as the one published by WAK. I just offer convenience of electronic format for those who might want more than one copy to build the model, including myself [​IMG]
  5. Darwin

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    OMG. Happy unbirthday to me!!!!!! Let's hope the "local" distrubutors have these available fingers are already itching to fondle these kits.

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