Newly acquired RS13.

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by interurban, Nov 23, 2005.

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  2. galt904

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    Look at that! Dan to the rescue! :) There is a lot of awesome info on that niagara rails site, isn't there.
  3. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    Thank you Dan, I was about to phone Hans and clarify this engine I bought.
    btw it was a steal at $80 can.
    He has about six different ones there.

    A big Hi and welcome to the - gauge Dan :thumb:
  4. Russ Bellinis

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    Chronologically, how does the RSC13 relate to an RS11? With a higher model number, I would expect it to be newer, but the RS11 has the newer style body with what became Alco trademark notches for number boards, while the RSC13 has a body more like the RS1,2,&3.
  5. siderod

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    Are you SURE it's an RSC13?
    All the pictures i've ever seen of RSC13's (they were popular in this area) look nothing like the model that Chris has...i can post a half-dozen pics if you guys want them

  6. MasonJar

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    Is it possible that the individual railroads had different building or operations practices that would account for the difference (I know this was the case with steamers). Since Dan's photo lists MLW as the builder, would this be sufficient to explain any difference with an "original" RSC-13 from ALCO?

  7. interurban

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    O K

    I just had a chat with Hans , He confirms that it is a ALCO RS 13.
    'C' ment Canadian? if RSC

    Built in Montreal Alco Distributer. Also He is sure USA had some with a different code, and yes they were built with the three axels.
  8. galt904

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    Consider the RS23 which looks more like the switcher than the RS11,18 etc. It seems that some of the model numbers were related to sequence, and some to horsepower, and some to random selection.

    And siderod, check these pics, there's a bunch of the same style of RSC13, as well as the "newer style" RSC14.
  9. DanMacK

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    It looks like you posted 2 sets of RSC14's. The RSC14 was a de-rated RS18 on RSC13 trucks. The RSC13 was basically MLW's answer to the RSC3. The trucks on the RSC2 that Siderod posted are a variant, and similar to the trucks on the Seaboard RSC-3 that green_elite_cab posted.

    The 'C' in this case would indicate 3-axle trucks IMO

    The RSC13 was a Canada-Only model much like the S13, RS18, et al. The best way to tell an RSC13 from an "RSC14", which is a CN designation BTW, is that the RSC13 has a low hood compared to the high hood of the RS18/RSC14.

    Dan MacKellar
    CEO Dullbridge & North Lake Railway
    Dan's Railroad Gif Roundhouse
  10. Glen Haasdyk

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    I won't even try to wade into the indenty crisis your engine seems to be going through. I just want to say it is a sharp looking unit and I hope it serves many miles on your pike. (The CN paint is really good!)
  11. brakie

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    Guys,That's a RSD4/5..The RSD4/5 shares the same body style as a RS2/3..The RSC2 was a RS2 with A1A trucks..
  12. interurban

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    Thanks Glenn :D

    If nothing else it got the boys busy serching the web :D :D :D

    I think it sarted out an RS 13 and I have a feeling it will end up as an RS 13.

    But OOOOOO what fun we are having. and learning a lot too. ;)
  13. jon-monon

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    Is the Alco having an indenty crisis, or are the gaugers suffering motive confusion? :rolleyes:

    Either way, it's a lovely ride for some LPB! :D :D :D
  14. interurban

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    Hi Guys.
    This picture of an RSC 13, has been taken from the link DanMack posted.

    Made at Montreal Loco works.

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  15. brakie

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    Chris,Compare the picture with the model picture and you will see two different engines.
  16. interurban

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    I did Larry , what have I missed? :)
  17. brakie

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    Chris,The RS13 appears to be the same length as the RS2/3..The model picture is more then likely a Atlas/Kato RSD4/5.Also the car body doesn't appear to be as round as the RSD4/5 but looks similar to the RS1.
  18. galt904

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    Could be just a paint conversion, you're saying?

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