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    While it was agreed that most railcars should be blue and denoted with either GAUG or TGR as the roadname, I have diverged from this philosophy. As Alanis would say, rather ironic considering the details/guidelines are on my website.

    At any rate, as the story goes, The Gauge Railway was reorganized in 1977 under the short-lived presidency of P. Edmunds Shazeron. Hoping to create a public company trading on one of the major stock markets, Shazeron spun off all tank cars of the company, and a significant number of covered hoppers, to a new company called Gauge Railcar Leasing (GAUX). This was to protect the company in case of any major catastrophe, a move that was heralded by the market.

    His second effort met with much less success, a short-lived paint scheme known by insiders as "The Tachometer". Boxcars were painted white with black and red lettering, and a new logo that looked like a tachometer in the same red and black colors. Neither employees nor customers were ever taken by the new paint scheme, and only a handful of cars were ever painted with "The Tachometer" (PS-the Tachometer logo was created by my good friend Kim Erickson).

    The two units I have thus far created for The Gauge Railway are in this vein: a GAUX tankcar for the transportation of anhydrous ammonia; and a boxcar in the now infamous "Tachometer" scheme.

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    Nice boxcar and story! :cool:
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    Nice - I like the variation on the "Gauge" :) :)

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