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  1. Frank Kosterman

    Frank Kosterman New Member

    Hello i'm new with this hobby
    I build one model, but i really would like to know what king of glue is best
  2. AdamN

    AdamN Member

    I use the Elmer's Gel glue. Its a blueish color until it dries. It gets tacky very quickly, and stays where you put it. Plus, its cheap and easy to get.

    The thing I have found is that its not the kind of glue you use so much as how much glue you use.

    I squeeze my glue out of a child's liquid medicine syringe I got free from a drugstore. I attached a tip for model glue I bought at a hobby store so I can use very small amounts of glue. I also tend to use toothpicks dipped in a little puddle of glue to get even smaller amounts of glue on a part.

    Less is better, and less spread evenly is the best.
  3. dansls1

    dansls1 Member

    I'm still mostly using good old Elmer's white glue. I've been doing some experimenting with Aileen's in the gold bottle. It's a little different, but so far I haven't found any reason to hate it. It does dry much quicker, which gives a good and bad point. The bad is that it's less 'adjustable' but the good is it reduces down time in assembly.
    In addition, I have a clear-drying glue I use specifically for canopy gluing, and I use cyanoacrylate (superglue) for gluing wire to paper where necessary, as well as for coating wheels to subsequently sand on the dremel.
    As far as a 'best' glue, unfortunately that's going to ultimately be your preference. Some swear by various Uhu glues, a few use Duco, in addition to the various white paper glues out there.

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