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  1. PCKX

    PCKX New Member

    I want to get into Helicopter flighing but i don't know what kind to get, also how hard is it to fly
  2. Tackleberry

    Tackleberry New Member

    I am also new to Helicopters, but am getting into them. I have been into planes off and on for 15 yrs, and have done lots of research lately on Helis. As a rule of thumb, your looking at 1000.00 ball park figure to get set up into a good basic .30 size heli. There are a few out there, but I hear the best quality for the cheapest price is the Thundertiger Raptor V2. (sometimes you can get a combo deal used or new on ebay) You will need at least a 6 channel radio, fuel, field equip. I know its another 200.00 but I hear from all the pros that starting on a Great Planes Real flight similator is the best way to learn, and avoid expensive crashes that may add up to lots more than the program. I am going to try and get into the Raptor 50. It auto rotates a little better, and comes with carbon blades, muffler, little things that add up if purchased separately. The 50 is approx 150.00 more to get into, but parts are not much more than the 30. The .60 size jumps you up into set up cost AND replacment parts are much more. so the .30 to .50 sound like the way to go. I hear many go with the kit so they can learn how they are built and many recommend OS engines, although some of the ThunderTiger engines are good, some times you get a not so good one.
    PS. flying planes do not appear to be a must-have-done thing to get into helis. you can check out and for a start on a lot more heli info, GOOD LUCK!
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