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    I am new to this forum but not new to modeling. I have been building plastic models for years. Mainly 1/72nd scale. And such have now started paper modeling. Not to successful at first but getting better. I rescale all of my paper kits to 1/72nd. Why, because I like to keep things on the same scale. I,m nuts or have OCD or whatever. However, one thing I am sure of, Paper modeling is becoming my favorite pastime, more so than plastic. I hope to have some photos soon of some of my work.

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    Welcome aboard and hope to see photos of your models soon, See you around the forums.
  3. Rhaven Blaack

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    Welcome aboard. IMO, there to nothing wrong with keeping your models at a curtain scale. It can make storage easy (depending on the model of course). I like 1:72 scale for plastic planes my self.
    A few good things about paper are, one, if you make a mistake, it is easy to correct. second, if you are not happy with the out-come, you can always rebuild it (unless of course it is a kit that you at a shop, and if that is the case, then just scan the model in your computer, print out the scanned version, build it and put the original up). Third, if you want to modify it, all you need id extra paper. you are not searching for the right plastic, or parts. Four, is the cost, for the most part it is cheaper then plastic. Fifth, (I think is the most important) paper models are a little easier to find then plastic (and like I said before, if you make a mistake, you can always rebuild it with little cost. With plastic, if it is a rare model, and you make a mistake, you are more then likely S.O.L.).

    There are quite a few people here that are willing to give you help and advise. So do not be afraid to ask.

    Once again, welcome to the forum.
  4. seti51

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    i will get a couple of ships together to post that I have done to post. One is my own design

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