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    until this x-mas i never had any rc vehicles i now have this....1/16 panzer III by a chinese company called heng-long after storming around the house taking pot shots at the relatives over christmas im certainly a convert from static models of this type i would be interested to see what other tracked vehicles are avalible i cant afford but i can certainly look:mrgreen:

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  2. col. kurtz

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    nice nullmoon im thinking about buying 1 1/16 sherman .......maybe ill come over on the tilbury ferry and blow your tank away lol.sign1
    looks goods tho :thumb:
  3. rexvirtue

    rexvirtue New Member

    looks sweet to me too
  4. FlareBaffled

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    I would suggest taking a look at this site to see what there is out there:

    They supply a good range of Heng Long 1:16 tanks, plus some of ht eother higher prices kit. They also sell a load of upgrade parts, conversions and other things that ill dress up the model you do have. you can get everything from metal idlers, metal roaqdwheels, metal tracks, upgraded gearboxes and batteries to a complete conversion to an earlier 'e' version. Loads of stuff!

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