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    I've been watching this forum (and others as well), for several weeks now and I see a lot of knowledge and talent in here. I've learned many things just through associsation and reading as many posts as possible. As with any new hobby, we all show up ignorant and full of questions and I have seen an over abundance of people in this forum that truely want to help those of us that are new.

    So far my "LAY-OUT" has been a Athearn BNSF "HO" Oval, running inside a Lionel Steam Loco "O" Oval. Both were going around our Christmas tree. The grand kids loved it.......the cats..... well they didn't.

    My goal is a six spur line in HO, through my home town of Porterville, Ca. I spent many hours in my youth watching freight trains haul citrus out of the packing sheds in that small valley town in the 50's. Most of it will be from my memory due to that fact that the railroads have lost a majority of that business to the truckers. The six spurs are now one. What a shame.

    You'll be hearing from me soon.
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    Welcome aboard!! Glad we can be of help... Thanks for stopping in and please keep posting your progress and pics are always welcome! :D :D :D
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    Hi Jerry! Thanks for introducing yourself. Glad you could join us!
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    Welcome to the forums!:wave:

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    Welcome aboard
    Post often there are lots of good people here that will try to answer all of your questions.
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    Welcome Jerry

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