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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by madmax71, Aug 12, 2004.

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    Hello and thanks for any help. At christmas time I have an elevated area in my home that I wanted to put and HO scale Xmas train on. The problem is the architecture. It has at one end a square about 4' by 4'.., easy for a circle with a tree in the middle.., However it has a 20' "L" shaped ridge coming off of it around to our front door. What I would like to do is create a path around an oval onto a straight track around the L and back to the Oval. Unfortunately the "L" is only about 18" wide, I can't turn the train around at the opposite end of the "L". Are there model train types that travel forward one way on a straight track, reach the end, automatically switch to reverse and go backwards along the same track until they reach the end again and then switch to forward?? I know I would probably have to invest in a different type of train but it would be an excellent addition to my G Scale that travels around the downstairs area of our house during Xmas.
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    Hi, There are reversing units that you can hook up to one track to have the engine go to the end of the track & reverse. There are also reversing units for reversing a loop if you make a circle of track with a single switch leading out over the 20' section. :) It's cheaper to start the track around the tree. Then continue it out onto the 20' section - no loop - just one single track. :)

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    I assumed there were some types of Bumpers, are those for HO scale or can you find them for any scale? I have a good train shop about an hour and half away from where I live that I want to make sure I know what I want before I drive all the way out there this or before I Call them! Thanks!
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    Yeah - bumpers are on any scale :) they are pretty cheap, The reversing circuit should be less that $40.00
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    If my feeble old memory serves me right today I think Bachmann has an 0n30 trolley set that comes with the reverser(SP).Don't remember the cost but maybe some one else here will. :)
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    Your hobby shop should be able to get you an electronic reverser.
    You could probably make one using a relay and two micro switches mounted about coupler height.
    For a prototype, consider the push-pull commuter trains e.g. Athearn's Bombardier bi-levels.

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