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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Tuned MP5T, Nov 12, 2004.

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    Hello Everybody:

    I wanted to started in N Scale but then this caught my eye (see below picture). I know people say to start small, but I think they meant for the layout. This is the Aristocraft Dash 9. Is Aristocraft products top quality for G Scale? How is their track also? Also are these safe to run in house or they meant for outside use?


  2. 60103

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    These are quite safe for running indoors. The only ones you would worry about are steam engines that burn something to produce steam. I think they operate on a slightly higher voltage than N scale; definitely a higher amperage.
    Can't comment on quality. You don't have to stick to the same manufacturer of trains and track -- mix and match for both.
  3. N Gauger

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    I like Aristo - The quality is great for the prices. :) I redisigned my layout last Thanksgiving. Tore out all the old stuff & completly redesigned it. Most of the engines (some Bachmann, like the Climax) & all the track is Aristo!! Here's what I did in less than a year :) woking 1 - 2 nights a week:

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    To run some Engines "G" you have to have 20 ' Dia Track But most engines will run on 10 ' . If space if small might want to use smaller Gauge. Voltage is (Max) 24V /DC for LGB and (Max) 18V /DC for other Man. You can useLGB on 18V but don't use other engines on LGB transformer. as will burn out Smoke units.
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    As to your quality issue, I've been running G scale outdoors and in for 12 or so years.
    In my opinion/experiance -based on engine reliability only. From top to bottom

    Accucraft ( I don't own any of these, am told the quaility is outstanding)
    USA Trains
    I know lots of folks will order these differently then I, and if you factor in the scope of offerings, graphics, and cost my list would differ slightly. There is also a Company called New Bright whose offerings used to be trash - I'm told that their quality (and price) has been substancially raised in the fairly recent past.
    Hope you find this helpful

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