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Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by NegativeIQ, Mar 6, 2004.

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    I am working on building an RC car with a claw to pick up and relocate objects. Currently, I have been building the chassis of the car out of legos - this is a school project, so my budget is rather limiting. I have picked up a TX-2B transmitter/receiver pair, to use as control from the control unit to the RC car. I'm not using any conventional RC control pads, but rather an Intel 8255 control board with a keypad. I am trying ot make the keypad my primary source of control for the RC car.

    I have almost gotten the car to move with the keypad, the movements are erratic, but I think I know why. My main problem is with the servos. I don't quite know how to work them.

    I want to use the servos to control claw movement, one servo for close/open, and one for raise/lower. Is there a way I can control the servos wirelessly, without a servo controller? I'm trying to find a way to control the servo with my TX-2B transmitter/receiver. I know that I need to send pulses - but will the transmitter/receiver send pulses to the servo?
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    The transmitter (tx) and reciever (rx) are two seperate bodies. The tx sends the signals to the rx which interpets the pulses and tells the servos what to do. The Frequency crystal is the frequency on which those pulses are transmitted. So you are gonna have to either use or manufacture your own rx, otherwise there is no way to control the servos. If the keypad your using is able to be programmed to match those pulses and use the same freq. then you should have no problem getting it to work. But you will have to discover what set of pulses do what to which channel for your rx. Unfortunately you will need an expensive tx/rx pair to do this. You will need a four channel system for up/down, open/close, drive forward/reverse, and turn left/right. It does not, however have to be a four channel proportional radio since the up/down and open/close can be just that and you dont have to worry about only opening part of the way. Translating and recreating those pulses will be your biggest challenge and you should beg one of the radio manufactures out there for some info.
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