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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by dmoisuk, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. dmoisuk

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    I have been thinking about buying a train for some time. When I was a kid my friends old man had a silver Lionel "CANADIAN" diesel passenger train. Always wanted one. Any way I was in Saskatoon and they has a barley used MTH Canadian Pacific Royal Hudson. Engine, tender and seven passenger cars. He wanted $800 I offered 700 and got it. So I guess I am in. Some fundamental questions.

    Can I fix in Lionel and MTH 027 and 0?

    I am going to build a lay out in the corner of my rumpas room 7' X 11', at bar height, then go up to ceiling and around the rest of the basement. What will i need for a power supply. I am partial to the bib Lionel supply that powers 4 trains. Will this work with Lionel and MTH?

    I think I like the MTH track with the rail bed, not the Real Track the other one forget the name. What do you think. Again will this work with Lionel and MTH? Anything better?
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    Welcome to the hobby and welcome to the Gauge.
    MTH should be compatible with Lionel. Most of the 3-rail O gauge market is trying to sell to the same people, so they try to keep it that way.
    I can't tell you about the controller/transformer compatibility. The basic locos should be compatible, but when you get into command control and sound systems, you need some specific advice.
    O-27 is O gauge with a lighter track. The 27 means a 27" diameter circle, but they now produce it in wider diameters. All the tracks should work with all the trains unless they need wider curves. What you can't do is connect different brands of track together. I've never seen so many different ideas of what track ends should look like as we have now. Find one you like and stick with it. Make sure it has an uncoupling/unloading track that works with your trains.
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    Welcome to the Gauge dmoisuk.:wave:
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    Welcome to the-gauge, New Friend! I hope we can see some pictures of your new baby one day! :wave: :wave: :wave:
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    Hi dmoisuk!!
    That's one beautiful loco!! :thumb: :thumb: :cool:
    Regarding your plan, it requires 100 linear feet to get
    up and back down 30" in elevation at a 5% grade, which
    might be purty steep if you're pulling any cars. :eek:

    How big is the basement???? :) :) :)
  7. dmoisuk

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    My basement is roughly 25' X 45'. But I figure I need to go up from Bar height to below the ceiling. About 24" I have also thought about spirals. I ordered the MTH Club membership today. I will get their software and a fee car. Not bad for $50 bucks. I think I want to use their track anyway. I will post a comment on the software when I try it. CHEERS FROM CANADA EH!

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    :wave: Beautiful! :wave:
  9. cidchase

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    Hi dmoisuk,

    This might help you figure out what to do.

    It looks like O-36 will get you there?? How much vertical
    clearance must you have for the train and track?? :)

    This is not my software, open the "About" window
    for the author. :thumb: :thumb:
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    Cool Thanks cidchase
    All information helps.

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