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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Stephenr216, Dec 15, 2004.

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    I am about to buy an Atlas 2-6-0 N scale Mogul. Would I have to destroy the factory-installed rapido coupling to remove it? I've never changed couplings before, and I was wondering if when you did change them, is it a slide-and-click operation, or a cut, solder, and glue type deal? Also, is the Atlas AccuMate magnetic coupler completely compatible with the MicroTrains magnetic coupler? Finally, I can't tell if truck-mounted or frame-mounted couplers are more common in factory fresh it harder to switch to all frame mounted from half and half, or harder to switch to all truck mounted from half and half? The only two vehicles that I am sure I will own are the Atlas N Scale 2-6-0 Mogul and an Extended Vision Caboose (#01507), both of which have frame mounted couplers as far as I can tell. I would prefer to go with truck-mounted to help in the tight corners, but are there some cars (see link to picture of caboose below) that just can't be converted to truck mounted?

    This Christmas gift for my wife is looking to get more complicated...I think I will end up becoming the railroad mechanic, and she will mainly drive the train and build the town. Is this what usually ends up happening, the man lays the track while the woman builds the houses? I just don't want this to turn into the proverbial "bowling ball" Christmas present :( . She really did bring up the idea for model train building as a hobby! We almost bought a set for her a couple of years ago while in a hobby shop.
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    Welcome to The Gauge. :thumb:

    While body mounted cars look better, it really is practical only in the larger scales. Even Micro-Trains uses truck mounts and they set the industry standards in quality.

    Your Mogul's coupler should be an easy twist out / twist in conversion. Check out the website to see if they have a drop in kit.

    As for your wife, as you go along each will find their respective likes and dislikes in the hobby. My wife loves buildings and painting them. I'm the tinkerer/rescuer/mechanic/carpenter/electrician/geographer/scratchbuilder/LPB painter... :p
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    Thank you Shay and Cid! My wife got emailed my ebay watch she found out that I was looking at train stuff :cry: The good news is that she was excited when she saw the engine I had picked out for her :) (thank you again Bikerdad:thumb: ), the bad news is she mumbled something about the caboose not being red when she saw my other choice. I have managed to track down a good looking (and more historically accurate) red caboose here: . But more bad news, I can't seem to confirm that there are any existing magnetic coupler conversions for either the locomotive or caboose...the only conversion kit I have confirmed is for the caboose that I am no longer buying. :mad: I know this is a popular engine, so can anyone here who owns one please please please give me a specific part number or something for a good magnetic coupler conversion kit that you used? I'm sorry that I am asking so many questions, but it's getting down to the wire and I need to order this stuff ASAP :( I think I'll start planning my presents earlier next year...

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