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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by MartyH, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. MartyH

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    I have modeled O gauge for over 12 years, and have now switched to N scale. I just purchased a new Atlas Dash 8-40B, and it had a tendency to "squeel". Although the paperwork said it did not require additional oil, I did place a minute amount in the bearings. This stopped the squeeling, but I noticed that the engine is louder in reverse than in forward. Am I hearing things or what? I need some help here. I am used to big O gauge steam locomotives with sound, and now I am dealing with a whole new animal. Thanx in advance,
  2. TruckLover

    TruckLover Mack CH613 & 53' Trailer

    :wave: Hi Marty and welcome to the Gauge!!

    Nice choice for a first loco, it was my first in HO scale in the BNSF paint

    Sorry I can't help you with your problem but I know someone will be able to answer it shortly:thumb:
  3. berraf

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    Some step to take, from O to N-scale :thumb:
    And I say welcome to the fabulous world of N-scale and hope you find that sound source.
    As you say, these locos are a different kind of animals and any sound from those small locos always make me confused sign1

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