Newbie question, Foam - Yes or No ?

Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by JDC916, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. TrainJunkee

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    Good videos right up this threads alley

    I was thinking of using foam but have decided to go with open Lgirder with webbing but I thought I waould pass this link on to my fellow model railroaders... Ther is like 9 videos on youtube about extruded foam that the guy should probably delete and sell to kalmbach publishing... Actuall I just search his user name and found a bunch more stuff... Have fun

    YouTube - thebige61's Videos :thumb:
  2. Christopher62

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    I saw those You Tube videos. Those are pretty well done. I will be going back to those often. That guy makes it look easy.

    It's funny you mention Kalmbach Publishing... I just renewed my Model Railroad Magazine subscription and they sent me - unsolicited - a grainy DVD of tips and techniques and some other outdated train-related nonense. If I choose to keep it I'm supposed to pay them $9.99 or something like that, and then they will send me another DVD next month "so I can build up my DVD collection!" (Reminds me of the Columbia House Record Club I got conned into as a kid.) Now why would I pay $10 for some outdated, cheesy video when I can see the same stuff for free on the Internet? Seriously, there was absolutely nothing of use on there that could not be found on the Web or in these forums. And the worst part is the DVD is hosted by the geekiest-looking assortment of milquetoast myopic misfits you've ever seen. Way to scare people away from the hobby Kalmbach!
  3. rogerw

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    Trainjunkee I have seen the foam videos already but not all of his other(wow). Will have to check them out thanks for link

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