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Discussion in 'How Do I...' started by micahrogers, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. micahrogers

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    Hi again, This time the question is about the way the forum works. How do you get a post with a pic here

    Then text here

    then a pic here

    then more text here?

  2. Zathros

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    You will see "Go Advanced" under the quick reply box. Click that, then you will see all the options for embedding YouTube videos, under "Manage Attachments" (scroll down a bit) you will be able to navigate to the picture on your hard drive you wish to upload. One at a time, sorry! 6 pics per post, I believe, is the limit.

    If you look at the Yellow button on the little toolbar, that is where you would press then "Paste" the address of a picture you wish to share. Make sure you press "View Image" and "Copy and Paste" that address, or it will not work. For YouTube videos, only use the Share Code. You will see instructions in my signature. If you have anymore questions, please, continue to ask them. Don't worry about asking the same questions twice either, sometimes my explanations require explanations! :)
  3. ThunderChild

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    I think he wants to know more about how to add text AFTER the image in a post...

    I also haven't figured out how to use "manage attachments" like this. The only option I can see is when in the advanced mode, there is an "insert image" button by the font settings, but it only gives the option for an URL, no browse hard drive option there?
  4. Zathros

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    Oh, Thanks Thunder, I may be wrong, but don't you just write the text after the entry for the picture? If it was an upload, you would look at "Preview", then write the text under that line, whether it be a link or upload that causes the picture to appear. Does that make sense?

    The following is a picture:



    This is text after the picture. The picture above has a line of words, in RED for demonstration, (without the stars "**"), that's link to the picture, you don't see that in the post, you see the picture. If you made the post, you would see it. Adding the "**" to the RED phrase causes it it not to work, so I can demonstrate the sequence. If you removed the "**" at each end, you would get the picture of this beautiful creature. Hope that makes sense. :)

  5. micahrogers

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    I get adding pics but my images are local on my hard drive not stored on the web. when you click insert image it askes for a URL.
  6. Bane

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    Do the following:

    1. Hit the post reply button. This will pull up the advanced reply screen.

    2. On the post screen, look for a button that looks like a paper clip and punch it. This will pull up the manage attachments screen.

    3. The first line on this screen will be "Upload Files From Your Computer". Hit the browse button. This will open a screen to the contents of your computer.

    4. Find the pic you want to download and double click on it. This will take you back to the manage attachments screen.

    5. Hit the upload button next to the browse button.

    6. The screen will tell you it is uploading file(s). This can take from seconds to minutes, depending on file size and connection. After it is done it will show the title of the pic you uploaded.

    7. You can do this for a maximum of six pics. I have to upload them one at a time. If there is a way to do multiple files in one shot, I havn't figured it out yet.

    8. After you finish uploading, close this window and you are back at the post reply screen. Hit the paper clip again. The pictures you downloaded are now listed. You have the choice of inserting them one at a time by clicking on them individually or all at once by hitting the bottom button.

    9. Each pic shows up in the message box as a line of text. Simply place your cursor where you want to start writing. To make spaces, use the space bar or enter key as you normally would when composing/editing somthing you are writing.

    10. Check everything by hitting the preview post button. This will show you the post as it will look, pictures and all. Edit as necessary then hit submit replay as you normally would.
  7. Zathros

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    I thought the concise method I mentioned in post #2, instructing him to navigate to the picture in his hard drive covered that. I may use your (Bane) explanation in the future! :)
  8. Bane

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  9. micahrogers

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    Ok we'll try this
    J35 Final 1.jpg
    Then do this
    J35 final 2.jpg
    and I'm done
    Woo Hooo Learned something new and neat today
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