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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Trbulnc, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. Trbulnc

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    Hi all, newbie here, currently involved in a 4X8 layout for N scale which is nearing completion, down to buildings, etc. I have a question (actually quite a few before it is done).....I have a N&W J 4-8-4 that is my favorite. The front 4 and back 4 are "floaters" on springs and they have a tendancy to jump track when going over turnouts. Anyone experience this before or have solutions? The N&W is my favorite so I would like to run it instead of just having it idle on the layout. (Currently have Robert West doing one of his great portraits for me of the N&W at Natural Tunnel in Va.)

  2. 60103

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    Hi trbulnc.
    A couple of questions:
    Do any of your other locos derail at the turnouts? or any of your cars?
    Is it any turnout or just specific ones?
    Can you check the gauge on the wheels that derail? A vernier caliper is good, but inside calipers will work, or outside calipers/micrometer. You want to check the distance between the backs of the wheels and compare them to the drivers and some other cars.
    Look at the wheels -- are there any lumps or stray bits of material on them that might be catching?
    How sharp are the turnouts? They may be too sharp for the trucks (the contraptions that hold the from and back wheels) to move sideways.
    That should keep you busy!
  3. brokemoto

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    These things do have a tendency to jump the track. Re-gauging usually fixes it, but not always. I have had to change out springs on mine to get it to stop derailing. The poor electrical contact on this does not help , either. It makes it lurch, which can throw wheels off the track.
  4. Trbulnc

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    Thanks all! I will take a set of calipers and measure them compared to the drive wheels. The springs do just seem really light. My regular runners have no problems with going across everything. Will keep you posted, will take some pics. soon also.

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