Newbie paper modeller from Brazil

Discussion in 'South and Central America' started by Darth_Nerdious, May 2, 2004.

  1. Darth_Nerdious

    Darth_Nerdious New Member

    Not a single post here. Let me start with this one:

    Hi, I'm Nerdious from Brazil. :lol:
  2. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Hi, from the sunny United Kingdom. I am joking about the sunny bit.... But Hi anyway!!


    PS Nerdious.... love that name!
  3. Darth_Nerdious

    Darth_Nerdious New Member

    Hey Tim!

    Darth Nerdious is a good name for a sith lord, eh? I love Star Wars stuff... :)

    And you probably like WWI aircraft paper models, right? Or you a George Peppard fan? :p

  4. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    I like anything with wings, any ships with big guns, I like motorcycles, I like rockets, I even hanker after locomotives sometimes! Cars, they leave me cold, but otherwise, I think I must be almost a COMPLETE nerd! Thats what my wife and kids (both girls) call me, anyway!

    Us Nerds must stick together; you are in the right place in this forum....


    PS George Peppard? Yes, but for sheer flying wonderment, The Great Waldo Pepper is better! I nearly wrote I prefered Robert Redford, but that Maurice guy would chip in with some smart-alec comment, so I won't mention it.
  5. tino

    tino Member

    Hi Darth Nerdious,
    Is good to have somebody that share something with us, and Portugal and Brasil have many things in common. :)
  6. Darth_Nerdious

    Darth_Nerdious New Member

    Tim: Are you doing only paper models of all the stuff you like? Or do you sniff plastic glue from time to time?
    I've noticed that the scale modelling forum boards are filled with nerds, nerds of every kind... :lol: Do you like Star Wars? Star Trek? Or are you into UFO (one of the BEST sci-fi tv series of all time), Thunderbirds and the like??

    "The Great Waldo Pepper" was a great movie, yes. I remember being disturbed by that scene where Waldo's assistant crashed and got trapped inside the burning wreckage... "Out of Africa" has some splendid air footage!

    Tino: Hey Tino! Tudo bem? Yeah, Portugal was once Brasil's motherland, wasn't it? :)
  7. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Guilty as charged.....

    In fact, just recently, the plastic has overtaken the paper; don't tell anyone else here though, or they will drum me out of the Corps!

  8. Darth_Nerdious

    Darth_Nerdious New Member

    Hey, cool stuff you got there Tim... very organized too.
    I only have submarine plastic models, ships are beyond my skills!

  9. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Thanks Darth, glad you liked the site. I try to add a bit every few days. Ref SciFi, I grew up with Thunderbirds and Dr Who, but the series I liked the most recently was Space, Above and Beyond. It was transmitted here in the UK a few years ago, but has not been repeated since; must be on Cable I presume! But I can't claim to be true fan. My interests lay in Aviation and Naval models of the 20th Century, and mostly British subjects. Enough to keep me busy for several lifetimes!

    Ships, beyond your skills??!! Go on, have a go! You never know what you can do 'til you try!!

    Best wishes,

  10. Horus

    Horus Member

    Hi Darth,
    welcome to the crazy gang!

  11. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Get a kit that you can keep printing out the parts that don't assemble well at first..., card modeling gives you that second, third, fourth..., well as many chances to be successful as it takes. Once you develop confidence in your modeling technique the World opens up and then you have a really different problem as everything becomes a model candidate. Don't get discouraged if something doesn't go right the first time..., just let it rest for a few days and have another go at it. You'll be amazed at how much your skills improve in just a few days. Welcome aboard and good luck at card modeling.

    Best regards, Gil
  12. Darth_Nerdious

    Darth_Nerdious New Member

    Hey thank you guys!

    Maybe I'll try a ship (patrol boat first? hehe) someday... Certainly the possibility to reprint paper parts is more encouraging than having to handle small bits of plastic...

    hmm... we'll see :)

  13. martinsmc

    martinsmc New Member

    I see this posts are very old, but I am a Marcelo, from Brasil, and like models with fiction and space exploration theme.

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