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Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by splinter81, Oct 22, 2003.

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  1. splinter81

    splinter81 New Member

    I just bought a Kyosho Jet arrow with a Nitro Motor. The guy I got it from specified that it is an os 10 nitro engine in the boat and not a normal engine. He also said that I will need to run the engine in on normal fuel before putting nitro through it.

    Is there a difference between a nitro motor and a normal glow motor or is he just refering to fuel with 10% nitro added??
  2. hornet28

    hornet28 New Member

    hi there
    you have basically answered your own question.
    these days nitro is the new name for glow fuel.
    but it will require at least 5 tanks of fuel to run it in using a rich mixture before leaning it back out to get top throttle.
    e.g. bloody #@$% thats quick instead of ok is that as fast as it goes (i need a better boat/engine.
  3. The guy is glueing! Use the same nitro fuel to break in your engine that you plan to run. I used to use 15% nitro in my jetsteream. I even used some 20% blue thunder from my RC10GT gas truck with good results. be sure to use boat or car fuel as airplane fuel is mixed different and cools different.
    That boat was under powered in my opinion. We retro fitted it with a Tim (Tool Time) Taylor OS 2.5 Marine with a tuned pipe. It was real fast then until it hit the tree and shattered. I bought a Prather Deep Vee to replace it and ... that is another story.
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