Newbie needs help on I.D. & value of Lionel & Ives Toys parts please

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by trenchgun, May 7, 2001.

  1. trenchgun

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    Hello, I have five wheel assemblies, (I do not know the correct term) Two are marked "For O gauge track, lubricate before using and when required, The Lionel Corporation N.Y. One is marked: Ives Toys Pat Feb 20-12.
    The Ives assembly has red painted spoke wheels, 4 total. Two of the Lionel assemblies have red painted solid wheels. two of the assemblies have no wheels. One of the solid wheels is cracked in several places. The assemblies have gears, wires, and such in them. I am trying to establish exactly what they are and what, if any, value they are. Thanks for any help, feel free to email me for more information....
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    Hey Trenchgun, welcome to The Gauge!

    First order of business is to establish the model number of each assembly.
    Are you talking about just the wheel-sets or the wheel-sets with motor included?
    If it says "for O gauge track" and has wires attached, it sounds like a motor assembly... are they 6 wheel or 4 wheel?
    If you have a Hobby Shop in your neighborhood it would be worth a visit. Take one of each with you and ask them to help identify.
    If they are in good condition (running) they can be worth a few bucks! I just paid $75 for a 1946 motor and wheel assembly for a model 675 Lionel engine. However, if they are in bad shape they may be worth only a few dollars....


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  3. trenchgun

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    Hello Shay2, Thanks for the welcome! I am a gun collector, not a train collector, I do appreciate the help on something way outside of my expertise. I can help out on U.S. military shotguns & M1 carbines. Ok, one assembly is 2-1/2" tall with the four red wheels on, 4-1/4" long, 1-3/4" wide across the wheels. it has a motor, gears, 4 wheels and two rollers on the bottom middle. Assembly #2 has the IVES stamped plate on the bottom, has 4 red painted spoke wheels, the body has green paint on it, has a motor, gears, 4 wheels, 4-1/2" long, 2-1/2" tall, 1-3/4" across the wheels. Assembly #3 is exactly like assembly #1 except one wheel has several cracks. Assembly #4 seems complete except has no wheels, Lionel tag on bottom. Assembly #5 has a motor and gears, but no wheels, no tag and no middle piece with the two rollers. There is a hobby shop where I can take these, I know identification via the internet is difficult. Maybe I can scan them in the scanner and upload the picture to photopoint, I don;t know. I would like to eventually sell them if they have any value. Thanks very much for the reply.

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