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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by LineRunner, Jan 24, 2007.

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    OK, all suggestions greatly appreciated! I am planning to do a layout above my sons bed with basic oval to get him started. Than in time have it run up the wall, around room and back down to platform. My BIG stumper is the Bachmann box said track is 4'3 x 8'6 or some other size just beyond a standard sheet of plywood. I don't really want to join two pieces of plywood and am wondering if anybody knows of any options. This will be set on top of bed posts to make an upper bunk sort of space. :wave:
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    I think the 4'3" is about right in what they say. A 4' diameter is the smallest, and that would be to the middle of the track. That makes it 4'3" outside to outside. You could butt a 1X4 along the edge to make it fit. I would drill thru the edge and a couple inches into the plywood and tap in dowels. Lengthwise, the straights are probably 12" pieces. Leave one out on each side and you have 7'6".

    Also, any loco with more than 4 wheels will give you fits on a 4' diameter. A $200+ LGB (supposedly the best) 2-4-0 strains, and had to go back for repairs after a few months. An Aristocraft Li'l Eggliner, $60, runs like it is a custom fit. A couple years ago I had a couple B'mann steamers, and on 4' track they didn;t last long. The newer ones mat do better.

    Hope that helps some

  3. MasonJar

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    You are not going to be able to get up and down reliably in that amount of room. The grades will be too steep (well, depending on how much higher than the bed you want to go). You might want to consider getting more track, and going around the room on a shelf from the beginning...

    Let us know how the project is coming along. And welcome to The Gauge!


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