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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by TexasRR, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. TexasRR

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    I am going to set up a new train for my son around the top of his bedroom walls. The room is square and I plan on just getting a wood kit to run around the top edge. I have no idea how to go about choosing a train and what all is needed to get one that runs. :confused:The room is appox. 12 x 12 so I will be needing a lot of track. I think I have decided on going with a O gauge set so any help on what is necessary to get it running would be appreciated. I am only looking for bare bones setup to start and will add to it over the years so want a good setup that can be added to. TIA
  2. N Gauger

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    It's all in what you want to do... I have HO running around the walls here :) on 1 X 4's.. the most difficult thing is cutting out the corners (Radius) and supporting them..... But you could use HO or O - both work well for shelf layouts.
  3. TexasRR

    TexasRR New Member

    I will be going with O gauge. I need to know if I purchase a set on ebay what all I will need to have it running. I will also have to get more track so I will need to know what is the best kind for this application. I will not be getting any scenery or such yet just looking to have the train going around so the kids can observe. Do the sets come with power and everything you need other that the extra track I will have to get for the extended length?
  4. Renovo PPR

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    A set from Lionel or mth will include everything but the extra track you will need to go around the walls of the room.

    For a raised track Lionel Fast Track is slightly better than mth Realtrax. The Realtrax can make excessive noise due to the joints when elevated this is very noticeable. Again this can be mitigated a little by adding several inches of foam beneath the tracks.

    For a raised track I would suggest a more expensive track system such as Atlas or Gargraves.

    There is addition information to consider after you select your track and sets. For instance if your room is large you may need to add drop downs to your power supply, some people like to do it every six or eight feet.

    Now a typical set will come with an engine, rolling stock, track and a transformer. This is every thing you need to operate the train.
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    If you buy one of the popular "thomas" "polar express" or "harry potter" type sets from Lionel, it will come with everthing you need to get a train running. I do think 3-rail O gauge is the way to go. it can be seen easily, is durable, and is cheaper than G-scale. I believe all the newer Lionel sets come with their "fasttrack", but I may be wrong about this. Extra track is widely available.

  6. Renovo PPR

    Renovo PPR Just a Farmer

    BTW what set are you looking at and why ebay?????? That would be among the last places I would ever consider buying a new set.
  7. PWRR-2207

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    Other considerations

    I second the nomination of a starter set from Lionel as they include everything except the eight 36" straight sections you would need to make a loop around a 12' x 12' room. Some other things to keep in mind:

    - No matter which way you go, you will want to leave at least 2" clear from the wall so the engine and cars do not make contact at the turns.

    Santa Fe F3.jpg

    - With the smallest available turn radius of 22.5", you will need at least a 30" x 30" long area to turn 90 degrees. The picture below has 6" grid lines using 22.5" radius curves that are 14.75" long:

    30x30 inch corner using 22pt5 Radius curves.jpg

    - If the project is not complete by Christmas, you can still setup and run the Lionel set around the tree ;)

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