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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Flannigan's, Jan 5, 2006.

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    I am new to the forum. I own a restaurant in Coralville, Ia and have 2 large layouts in our sports bar. When we purchased the restaurant neither trains were running. Having several HO layouts in the past, I had a working knowledge of the hobby so I got the 2 trains running. They run in opposite directions on 2 tracks around the perimeter of the restaurant. I had to purchase 2 new loco's ( I ended up buying 4 to alternate) which were all nice LGB engines. They work great. I had about 20 cars that had to be reworked, but I rebuilt them with spare parts and they run OK.
    :confused: Here is my problem. These trains run 8+ hours a day. I clean the track twice a week and keep up on the maintenance. I was wondering if anyone had a line on some Ball Bearing Wheels for the cars. I am trying to reduce the friction so the I can increase the # of cars on each engine and reduce the small amount of squeeking around the turns. Beacuse I have several managers I have to make the layout as trouble free as possible. I have already had 1 loco burn up beacause one manager didn't notice the train had derailed (due to a coaster that had been tossed up on the track).
    Thanks for your help.
    Dave Petsel
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    Go to the LGB website, and search for part number 67403. It's under the LGB & TOYTRAIN Products button.
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    You may want to add a fast acting circuit breaker between your transformer and the track. That way if you have another derailment, the breaker will trip and save your engine. :thumb:
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    G-Scale wheels

    Hi Dave,

    I got my G-Scale Wheels from an ebay auction:

    ebay G-Scale Wheels

    Even after shipping, conversion from USD to CAD and customs tax, I paid less than half what they are going for locally... :thumb:

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