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Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by rush evo, Oct 25, 2004.

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  1. rush evo

    rush evo New Member

    hi can any one tell me whats the best truck im a noob and im looking to pay about $230 thanks for ur help just post here thx!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. tnx

    tnx Member

    230 bux, hmm not sure, i skipped that price range lol. i guess ull have to get something electric 1/10. im not really aware of the what u can get for 230 bux.

  3. daytondaft

    daytondaft Member

    i have a t-maxx roller i would sell you for 100$ bucks. it has everything you need except and engine, which you could easily find an engine for 130$ on ebay
  4. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    if you go electric buy a Evader which is a good price at around 180 and a better motor is no more then 50. For nitro, you might be able to get a smart tech lol As for used daytondaft no offence. but dude don't buy a used 1 for your first truck go brand new and if you have to save up more do so it will be worth it.!
  5. gaz_r36

    gaz_r36 Member

    u should get a wilddagger cu i ave got 1 with 15turn motor
  6. tfhughes_28

    tfhughes_28 Member


    If you want to go nitro for your first truck i'd suggest that you look at the ORIGINAL HPI Nitro MT. It was my first nitro truck and i loved it. Unlike most people (99%) i enjoyed having the old .15fe (even had the cast head on it). The engine was soooooo easy to tune a child could do it. The carb only has 1 needle adjustment so it saves millions of headaches. It is not very fast, but does have enough power to have fun with and the engine can always be swapped out later. One of these used RTR trucks can usually be picked up for a great price. As dj6666969 pointed out....buying used is not the best idea for a newbie...but there are great deals to be had on used nitro trucks/buggies. Try and buy one from someone that has been in the hobby for a while and doesn't have a shelf full of blown nitro

    Another truck you may want to look at is the Duratrax Evader ST. It comes in either nitro or electric. The Nitro version comes with a .18 engine that is supposed to be pretty fast. I haven't played with a nitro one yuet, but my son has an electric Evader ST. He is 9yrs old and he beats the crap out of it, NOTHING has broken on the truck yet.

    If your looking for speed....go 1/8 nitro buggy. Hands down it is the most fun nitro on the market (in my opinion). Now, i have 2 1/8 buggies. They are both a Duratrax Axis. I don't care what anyone says....the Axis rocks. I have done stuff with my Axis that would horrify any hobbiest and it has survived the tests of abuse. Actually i bought the second Axis to have as a parts is sitting on my shelf collecting The only parts i EVER broke where the Bumper and i bent a front shock shaft. This was after a Wide Open Throttle crash into a Spruce tree. I have had my Axis for about 8 months or so and it has seen prolly about 3+ gallons maybe more. Definately the best bang i EVER got for my R/C buck. Even brand new the Axis is pretty cheap ($360 brand new at no radio gear is included with that price, but the engine is included and installed) Anyways, that's enough blabbing for now.

    Oh ya......for every 1 hobbiest that loves the Axis (like me)....there are about 500 that hate

    Just my 2 cents worth, but i hope it helped.
  7. monsterrcbuilder04

    monsterrcbuilder04 Active Member

    the nitro evader is a nice truck or an electric evader...i think electric cars are great for beginners...imo electric is easier adn its more of just get out and go with little preperation.

    associated rc10t4 great truck for racing and bashing

    traxxas rustler without esc. i think the traxxas esc is a waste and the msc will do just fine until you get the money for a nice esc which is around $50**&P=ML
  8. bandit1

    bandit1 Member

    i say get an evader, GREAT begginer electric truck, run it around gaining knowledge and experience until the#@$% thing gives up. Then if u really like electrics, put some hop up parts on it(faster motor, lighter parts ect.)and git it going fast. But if u cant stand electrics anymore n wanna go nitro, fine.

    But jus keep in mind, electrics CAN go as fast as nitro with LESS maintence.
  9. afinfinity

    afinfinity New Member

    check it out - Duratrax Maximum MT Pro in your price range

    http://***Please read Announcements forum***/ws/*********.********item=5939786517
  10. afinfinity

    afinfinity New Member

    well i guess my link doesn't work but...
    Its on Ebay item number 5939786517
    Theres pictures and lots of info on there.
  11. redheat

    redheat Member

    Send me a pic. of that TMaxx roller, RED
  12. rustler

    rustler Member

    defiantly go with the traxxas nitro rustler that was my first car and there great. I've had mine for 10 years now and still have the stock motor on it. It's not working right now though because the diiferential is busted. Other than that thoguh it ran like a champ.
  13. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    Did you get 1 yet??

    Rustler:Yep it was my first nitro also!
  14. ty923

    ty923 Member

    i have the duratrax nitro evader i think it may need piston/sleeve that is it. it is in great condition comes with hotshot2 starter and new proline tires let me know if you like . i will take pics and get back to you. thanks
  15. Traxxas stampede, upgrade to a metal gear servo
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