Newbie: Locomotive with DCC installed?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Cheetah20, May 24, 2007.

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    Yes, sound is a lot more, but it's very cool (so long as you run it at home, don't take it to club meetings otherwise you'll wind everyone up!). Cheap sound is tinny, but good sound is fabulous fun. Just got one of these and it's brilliant! :))
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    Cheetah: Have you decided on what era you want to model? What minimum radius turns you will be able to use? What railroad you may want to model? These are all things that will determine what locomotives and rolling stock you will want to buy. Just picking a loco from whats on Ebay or on sale may not get you where you want to go.
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    Cheetah, Jim is right. Maybe you ought to just sit back now and review what you have learned in the past week or so. Then you can make an intelligent choice of the kinds and types of railroad equipment that will be just right for YOUR railroad. We all have our likes and dislikes, and what looks good to me might not look good to Jim or you or some of the others that are working with you. Like wise something that they like may not fit your needs but would be acceptable to others.

    You need to organize your thoughts and set out your requirements for your railroad. Are you going to run primarily freight or are you going to run passenger equipment also. Jim's thought on era is right on - are you modeling transition era with first generation diesels or more modern era with 2nd and 3rd generation GP's and U-boats? Are you going to be doing a lot of switching or straight running?

    Take your time and think about what you want to do before you spend your money. You will be a lot happier down the line.
  6. Cheetah20

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    You guys are exactly right.................
    I could have bought over n over by now........and I 'am' taking my time....
    I am NOT advanced as you guys .... so I will be keeping this simple........

    Heres what I want:
    a diesel engine DCC....Digitrax Zephyr Command Control.......
    Code 55 Flextrack with cork roadbed..and about 4-5 or 6 cars MAX .....
    thinking of getting a mixed car load; like the trains we got as kids.
    (boxcar, gondola, hopper, stockcar or tankcar and your typical caboose)
    the ERA I'm still investigating: I will start on my loco to determine my cars

    As for the layout;
    simple straight running figure 8-like track going thru the mountain tunnel in the corner ....
    the second track will run atop left to right, going over a trussel bridge into the corner mountain tunnel then around..
    Although it will be my future(2nd) train, I still have to prepare/design it.
    thats about it !!!!

    My layout is up and my backdrop (sky) has been painted...
    all set for design.............Guess getting track would be next.
  7. Cheetah20

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    "My layout is up and my backdrop (sky) has been painted...
    all set for design.............Guess getting track would be next."

    OOps......layout meaning "boards", ..of course
  8. Cheetah20

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    ok...actually...while we are on that topic about 'ERA' ....
    do any of you know a site where they list the N scale trains and their "eras" (years in running) ???????.....Yes.....I am searching now myself...
  9. wickman

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  10. Triplex

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    If you're referring to the numbered era system (I to V), that's used only in continental Europe. In North America, without nationalized railroads, different companies ran the same equipment at different times.
  11. Cheetah20

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    OK boys>>>
    heres what I am thinking of buying.....
    does the 'engine' at least CLOSELY match the rolling stock?

    DCC installed engine=Atlas N B30-7 CSX
    1- Canadian National #290941Atlas: 40' Plug Door Boxcar 2- Rock Island #17883 Atlas: Cupola Caboose 3- "Undecorated" Atlas: Coalveyor Bathtub Gondola 4- Frisco #88611 Atlas: 90-Ton Hopper w/ Load 5- GATX #35690 Atlas: 17,360 Gallon Tankcar 6- Great Northern #55934 Atlas: 40' Stockcar

    Thanx Gang
    Me :)
  12. Jim Krause

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    That GN 40 foot stock car definitely dates to the 1970's or earlier. I don't remember when stock cars went out of general use but they are seldom used anymore. CSX is a late merger railroad. Generally when a caboose was used, it was from the parent railroad. Should match the locomotives but since CSX is a newer merger railroad they won't be using a caboose. Definitely not a Rock Island caboose. Are you planning to use the Coalveyor Gondola's without painting and decaling them? They are generally used in what are called "unit trains"of about 100 cars, all the same railroad. Hope this doesn't scare you away. Hopefully you will get some additional info from others on The Gauge.
  13. Cheetah20

    Cheetah20 Member mentioned....the deisel will be the 1st choice...(is this one ok?)
    as far as painting....I could paint any of them IF I have to....
    but of course, rather not.......

    remember JIM....
    anyone that sees this (family etc..)
    would NOT know any different anyways
    sorry,...I am not as advanced or as particular as you guys....
    NOT yet

    which doesn't mean any of your help had gone unnoticed or has gone to waste..........I have taken down notes after notes
    Thanx to you and the others....... :)
  14. umtrr-author

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    Yes, it is your railroad...

    I would get a matching CSX caboose to go with the locomotive. I am interpreting your list as including a Rock Island caboose.

    I'd also stay away from the "Undecorated"-- it literally means that, an unpainted car. Probably will be gray or black plastic.
  15. Cheetah20

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    SOOOOOOOOO ......anddddddddd........whats wrong with that?????
  16. tillsbury

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    Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Take off the trucks and couplers, get some spray paint (I use Tamiya because the colour range for matt finish and quality is good), then go to your local hobby shop and buy a "decal printing kit" (several of these available, consisting of clear plastic stuff, instructions, and a spray can of fixer). Print yourself some decals and stick 'em on!

  17. Cheetah20

    Cheetah20 Member

    Right on Tills !!:thumb: .....thanx
  18. Triplex

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    Since CSX was formed around the time of the end of caboose laws, very few cabooses received CSX paint, as far as I know. Thus, it might be hard to find a model of one, unless there's some "fantasy scheme" around.
  19. Cheetah20

    Cheetah20 Member

    Are you saying get the caboose match the engine?
    I may be painting the engine anyways !!!! in black !!
    but thanx for the thought !!!!
    (I wish I had a list of rollingstock...trains for that matter; in its "era")
  20. umtrr-author

    umtrr-author Member

    There is the occassional CSX caboose still in existence; for example, one sits at a yard near here for use on local trains.

    Meanwhile-- Cheetah, I obviously don't understand where you're trying to go here. The typical starting modeler does not buy a locomotive and spray paint it black. But I'm a firm believer in Rule #1.

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