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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by John P, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. John P

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    Hello everyone, I would like to say that I have found this site very informative and hope to be able to contribute information in the future. I'm in the process of building my FIRST model train layout HO scale approx 10'x8' and I'm using my home town as the basis of my layout. I'm sorry I don't have a drawing to post yet but I was wondering if I might get a couple of questions answered. I'm starting out with DCC.
    1. What is a good starter DCC kit.
    2. My layout consists of a double main line, the outer most line is independant from the inner line except for one left and one right turn out. The inner line incorporates a wye section that connects to a third inner loop. This third inner loop connects back to itself via a turnout after the wye leg from where it started. Are you lost yet. Anyway, I also want to install a right hand turn out on the third line to connect it back to the second line before the wye leg. My question is, how should the reversing loop be wired?
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    Welcome to the club. One suggestion I have would be to read a fair bit as you go into this. Lots of people will have many suggestions and most will be good.
    My other suggestion would be to make a modle of your model. This will build skills you can use later and also ensure you will be able to fit everything in the area you want it to AND show you even if you will enjoy it once it is done.
    I hope that helps.

    And again, welcome :)
  3. John P

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    Newbie layout

    Thanks for the suggestion-I have been reading alot on the internet as well as books and magazines. I have been dry fitting my layout and seeing how everything will come together-just last night I found a problem-need more money LOL-and that I need a 3-way wye. I'm having tons of fun though and don't expect to be running a train for a least a couple more weeks if not a month. My wife is starting to become a modelers' widow LOL.

    Talk to you Later.
  4. alexander

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    firstly, 3 things that will improve your fun (unless you like watching the train chase itself)

    1. a (small) yard- mine is 4 tracks, its very spread out tho.
    2. some Industry spurs, i have 3, some industrys share tracks due to lack of space
    3. an Interchange/ staging. this is your connection to the world.

    either way, one rule: HAVE FUN
  5. John P

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    Newbie Layout

    Thanks for the suggestion-I was planning on two industrail yard areas with three tracks each which are to be replicas of local industrial areas. I'm trying to arrange my layout in such a way as to incorporate two throttle areas-one inside the layout and one(main) at the spur line areas which will allow me to have better control over switching and Uncoupling. I hope to have a picture or drawing posted hopefully by the weekend. I'm having tons of fun now-I can't wait until I get to actually run the layout.
    Take Care
  6. Russ Bellinis

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    The problem I see with 10' x 8' is that you can't reach the center of the layout, unless you provide specific places where you can climb on and walk on it. It is a given that if there is a piece of track that you can't reach that is where the train will derail! Allowing for at least 2' of clearance all of the way around an 8' x 10' layout means that you will need a 12' x 14' room for the layout. If you have that much space, an around the walls layout on a 2' to 30 inch wide shelf will give you a lot more layout in the same space.
  7. John P

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    Newbie layout

    I was considering a "U" shaped layout but it was suggested by my better half that I SHOULD NOT use the one wall, as a result I using only two walls and have incoporated two pop ups in key areas. My layout is 42" high which makes it quite easy to slip under & up. The ceiling height is only 7-1/2' and with the right light and back drop I hope it will look OK. I'll try to post a picture this weekend.

    Talk to you later.
  8. steamhead

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    If you're going DCC, I can highly recommend Digitrax's Zephyr. It's well priced, provides all the control you'll need at this stage of the game, and it can incorporate many of the elements of its bigger D'trax brothers.

    Good luck!!

    Gus (LC&P).

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