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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by cdmdad, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. cdmdad

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    hello all, i have been floating in and out of the forum, but this is my first post. i am new to this and will be running HO scale. not sure of the complete layout yet, as i may add more table to build onto, but this is the table as it stands as of today. your thoughts appreciated.

  2. cdmdad

    cdmdad New Member

    ummm, can't post pics, let me try again.

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  3. cdmdad

    cdmdad New Member

    that's better. sign1
  4. shaygetz

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    Welcome to The Gauge, Chris:wave:
  5. TrainNut

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    You will probably want to add some cross bracing to the legs to help with your wobble problem and you may want to add some supports underneath to keep your surface from warping once you start putting weight onto it.
  6. cdmdad

    cdmdad New Member

    cross bracing coming tomorrow, tonight i'm tired. the whole underside is supported though. i have 2x3's running under most of it, with 2x4's making up the rest of the frame.
  7. mscwolf

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    Hi! I'm also a newbie to the hobby, although I've done scenery for tabletop wargaming for over ten years. My family & I are going to try and build a HO scale layout in our basement - our first one. We've been reading books & watching the Model Railroading DVDs, we hope to start our table after Christmas, once we've agreed to a track plan!
    Your table looks good & I hope to follow you... keep it up!
  8. kchronister

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    Welcome CDMDad. I think the cross-bracing other have recommended will fix your wobble. I had the same problem, and cross bracing instantly eliminated it.

    Are you planning to use the table surface (the OSB) as is? I might suggest getting some extruded foam (the stuff they use for house insulation, not the white pebbly stuff) and putting that down first. OSB has a tendency to "flake" in my experience and isn't the best for taking screws or nails if you need them. You don't need foam for strucutural rigidity though, so you probably don't need the 2" thick stuff many folks use.

    It will also give you the advantage of easily being able to go "below grade" without cutting your table. If you need to have a ditch, pond, gully, creek, river, etc. you just carve down into the foam. That's in fact the only reason I can see for you to possibly go with 2". In HO scale, 2" is about 15 feet, so you can make some pretty deep stuff that way.

    That's just my advice and it's not like using the OSB as your 'ground' won't work. But whether you use it, foam, or whatever, I definitely give my endorsement to laying your track with caulk rather than spikes (the little teeny-tiny nails that were the norm until a few years ago)...
  9. Chessie6459

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    Welcome To The-Gauge Chris. Enjoy Your Stay Here.:wave:
  10. cdmdad

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    kchronister, thanks for the advice. my father and i are building it (to be named later) for F&S Railroad (father and son) in hopes that one day my son and i will also work on it, he with his son, and so forth. this is just to get us started. once he is too old for his playroom, i get to take that over for the train(s). :D will post more when we have progress made. thanks again.

  11. Ralph

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    Welcome aboard cdmdad and mscwolf! Glad you could join us. I think you'll both get lots of great suggestions here.

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