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Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by slayer, Aug 2, 2003.

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  1. slayer

    slayer New Member

    hey all this is my first post here

    i just bought a hull sprint cat now i know nothing about rc boats but i wanted to get away from cars and try somthing different

    now all i got is a fibre hull now my stupid question is all the little bit at the back of the boat what r they called, where do i get em from

    and also is the sprint cat classifeid as a hydro

  2. yo slayer,

    i also bought a hull. i dont know **** about rc boats but i have a bunch of old crap from cheap rc cars and i also have erector set. im using a bunch of crap from that to build my boat. i took the old stinger motor off of my e-pede and im using that to make it go. all i need now is a reciever, esc, individual batt cells, and a motor mount. but im also trying to keep it light weight and under budget. but the problem is i only have $10. im waitin till my b-day and christmas for money or a car so i can get a job.
  3. oh yeah im pretty sure it is classified as a hydro. cuz my uncle has the same hull and he runs it with the hydro boats.
  4. hifonixs

    hifonixs New Member

    Egyptian temple - free download

    hey guys i can be reached on aol im at hifonixs . i will walk you through the whole setup. hope to hear from you soon

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