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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by Bane, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Bane

    Bane Member

    Well, after 2 or 3 days trying to come up with a conduit making gizmo, I still don't have anything I like.

    Time to move it to the Problems To Work On In The Future column and get back to the build.

    3rd Stage
    Steps 6-8


    I still like forming these internal pieces into a single unit and just sloting it into place.




    Onward to the homestretch.
  2. Bane

    Bane Member

    Breeze M/Shroud
    Steps 1-6





    Onward to Steps 7&8
  3. Bane

    Bane Member

    Breeze M/Shroud
    Steps 7&8




    STEPS 9-13




    Onward To Final Step:woot1:
  4. Bane

    Bane Member

    Breeze M/Shroud
    Step 14



    :band1: FINISHED balloon6

    003.jpg 004.jpg

    005.jpg 006.jpg

    That was fun.

    Worked through the build a lot faster than I thought I would. Probably because I let my enthusiasm keep me up much too late at night.

    I also have the Pad, Adjusting Arm, and Transporter for this Proton. When I build them, I guess the logical place to post pics, unless otherwise advised by the Moderators, would be on this thread.

    Before I do them, however, I think I'll try my hand at something else for a bit.

    See Ya.:wave:
  5. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    Congratulations Bane. It looks great. All your hard work has really paid off.

    I look forward to seeing what you do next, and to seeing the luanch pad and other items you mention join this proton in the future.

  6. Bane

    Bane Member

    Back Again. :mrgreen:

    Time to add Leo's Proton Launch Complex to my Proton Launcher.

    First part is the Launch Pad.

    Proton Launch Pad 002.jpg Proton Launch Pad 004.jpg

    Proton Launch Pad 011.jpg Proton Launch Pad 014.jpg
  7. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I wouldn't be surprised to see launch date set! :)
  8. Bane

    Bane Member

    But of course.

    How can my Paper Proton deliver it's Paper Payload to Paper Orbit without a proper Paper Launch Date or Paper Countdown.

    That's why it needs a Paper Launch Pad.

    Of course, how can it get to the Paper Launch Pad without it's Paper Transporter.

    Then, of course, how can it be lifted from horizontal to vertical on the Paper Pad without a Paper Adjusting Arm so it can have a Paper Launch.

    Following this ....logic?.... I really need to start figuring out how to build a Paper Russian Assembaly Building.


    I may be getting just the tiniest bit obsessive.

    Nooo.....That's silly. I'm a fine, well adjusted fellow. I know I am, the nice man in the white jacket told me so.:twisted:
  9. kolacho

    kolacho Member

    nice!!! can you make a post with the first page system for role tubes?
  10. Bane

    Bane Member

    The Launch Pad Is Done.

    The only problems I had with it were-

    1. When I fully retract the locking arms, the doors don't close as tightly over them as I would like. They use a cloth hinge and I think I used something stiffer than I should have. I'll have to watch that in the future.

    2. When I was gluing the final door into place, it came loose and dropped through one of the openings for the rocket nozzels, into the box.....the piece with glue on it.......into the sealed box.......:eek:.

    Quick, very quick, emergency surgery through a spot that would not be seen fixed the problem.

    Now to build the hydraulic adjusting arm.






  11. Fin

    Fin New Member

    This is extremely impressive, Bane, not only your build, but the step by step photography and explanations of construction and techniques. I have wanted to build Cherkashyn's Proton for a while and even printed out the entire model on regular paper just to get a look at it spread out on the dining room table. Rolling all those tubes with a good appearance is a bit intimidating to me. Kudos, you've done a remarkable job.
  12. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    You really have taken ownership of this model! You have a very fine working technique. your lines are crisp, everything about our models are crisp, and just look great! :)
  13. Bane

    Bane Member

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I have always been by temperment as far as forums, etc., are concearned, a lurker.

    I enjoy the posts, threads and so on, but I have never felt any great desire to put my own 2 cents in.

    For some reason I have been getting much more involved with this forum. Maybe it's because, for the most part, I can let the pics speak for them selves. Who knows.

    Once again, thanks for all the encouragment.
  14. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    It's people like you who make this forum. You have taken ownership of it. This forum is reflecting the desire of the members. There are a lot of people like you doing fantastic things here.

    The way you have show this coming together is extremely educational. I have to admit my ignorance as to what all these parts did. Your explanation, especially with the pictures showing it all come together has become a standard in how to write a thread. :)
  15. ovation

    ovation Member

    I so wish Id got more time as I downloded this model,but have never got round to making anything than the upper stage,
    The lauch pad looks amazing !


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