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    hi all an to all a merry xmas an happy new year.
    i've got a lot of ?'s an i no most have been answered before.
    1. are ho engines able to haul the same loads as the real 1's?
    2. whats the best way to clean,an keep clean,tracks?
    3. what are some of the best cooplers an can they be mixed?
    all for now:wave:
  2. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    My answers to your questions

    1. are ho engines able to haul the same loads as the real 1's?
    Most probably can't -- there aren't that many layouts where we can string up to a mile of cars behind an engine. There are probably a few that can out-haul the prototype. And there are a few that have difficulty hauling their tender and a caboose.
    2. whats the best way to clean,an keep clean,tracks?
    Are you trying to start a fight? :D There are a bunch of threads here where we discuss this. Included are track cleaning cars with assorted chemicals, abrasive blocks (like ink erasers), masonite pads. Did someone use a belt sander? And give up smoking, at least in the RR room.
    3. what are some of the best cooplers an can they be mixed?
    Another fight! :D Kadee make the best North American style coupling. There are a number of clones and compatibles. Some people say they can be mixed; others have had problems with it. Kadee make a fantastic number of variations to fit most situations.
  3. ausien

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    Hey David,
    DING, DING,. in ring one we have(best way to clean track`s) ....:mad: :mad:

    DING, DING,.in ring two we have the contender(what are the best cooplers----):curse: :curse:

    DING, DING,. and in ring three.... we have,:confused: :confused: pst what do we have???.:oops:

    some three ring circus we have here.......:D :D :D ..have a good one steve
  4. nwdstek

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    Greetings, HO Pops. Allow me to share my experiences concerning your questions:

    Earlier this year, I purchased 2 Atlas GP38s (1 G&W, 1 B&P) I had the opportunity to run them on the Medina,NY railroad museum layout (290x14ft) pulling a 102 car train. This layout does have grades up to 2 percent. As a test, I stopped the train at the base of one 2 percent grade and restarted. There was a slight amount of wheel slip as the slack came out, but it regained speed reasonably quickly. The power consist that I replaced with the Geeps was 4 SD40-2s. Quite impressive! I also have an IHC steamer which will only pull 8 cars. There is quite a range.
    I recently read an article in a back issue of Railroad Model Craftsman where the author pointed out that the whole idea of nickle silver rail was that the oxidized surface of the rail would still conduct electricity. He determined by experiment that dust and dirt were the culprits preventing smooth operation and he took the time to test various popular methods of cleaning track. His results; The masonite pad attatched to the underside of a car, originally developed by the MR genius, John Allen worked the best. I recently built one of these cars (in less than an hour) and tested it on my layout which is still under construction. Nothing stops a model railroad like sawdust and this car pushed in front of an engine whisks it away. 2 or three laps around, and it runs perfectly.
    As to couplers, I tell you three times- Kadee, Kadee, Kadee! I have tried them all and the others are either too complex and subject to binding or too flexible causing them to come apart (usually both) And they always come apart at the front of your heaviest train at the top of the longest, steepest grade on your layout, on a train which has your most expensive, finest detailed, most cherished cars in it!
    Merry Christmas!

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