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    I made balsa models 65 yrs ago, but not much since till my grandson asked me about a year ago to help him with a cartoon airplane he founf on the internet. So then I thought I might try one myself . . . and this is the first paper model I ever made. BIG MISTAKE, because now I'm hooked!

    I did some stuff from ss42 and then found Fiddlers Green and started expermenting with different sizes, all on 28 lb plain typing paper.

    My first auto from the Cannon site on 32 lb semi-gloss presentation paper.

    A building from Fiddlers Green on mat photo paper.

    Then I got brave (because everybody else seemed to have to make one ) and tried the Disney Sleeping Beauty Castle. I didn't realize this is the Paris, France one and a lot more complicated. The instructions said it was designed for std typing paper. Soooo, that's what I did. Another big mistake, but it's almost finnished.

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  2. lehcyfer

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    Real cool :)
  3. Zathros

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    You are off to a Grand start!! :)
  4. Rhaven Blaack

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    You have a very beautiful collection there. You do impressive work.
    I would have to say that my favorite is the Castle.
  5. Maverick65

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    Those models all look real good, my granddaughter would realy like that castle you made. I wont show it to her until I get better at builds myself...Thanks for sharing.


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