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  1. spyder62

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    Hi All
    Just getting back into trains On30 for wife and N-scale for me. I have a laser and cut my first model on it but need to know were to get small wire and tubeing for N-scale. All I can find is to large nedd 6" & 2"scale dia.
  2. doctorwayne

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    A good source for brass wire is Detail Associates. They have a wide range of sizes available, from .052" down to .006". They also have a limited range of stainless steel wire available. K & S Engineering also has brass wire and structural shapes available, along with brass and aluminum tubing. Styrene tubing and rod is available from Plastruct or Evergreen. I'm not sure how much of this is useful for N gauge: I'm in HO.
    Hope this is of some assistance.
  3. kettlestack

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    Just a thought, perhaps your drugstore may have very fine hypodermic needles (blind or sharp) which would be close enough to the diameter you need.

    As a bonus, they are also great for making your own 'oil can nozzle' for rolling stock/loco lubrication.

  4. tillsbury

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