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Discussion in 'North America' started by DN, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    I can't believe how close you are to where I work. :shock:
    Cool, hopefully we can get together soon, maybe grab something to eat, just for an hour or so, if possible.
    Let me know what's good for you guys.
  2. DN

    DN Member

    Looks like I'm in minority here :cry: - that's OK with me, I like downtown better anyway. If I can get there (whatever place you choose) from Fulton Str. subway hub.
  3. kk135

    kk135 Member

    Brings back memories. Before I started working for the City, I was at Maiden and William - 59 Maiden Lane I think. Used to enjoy sitting out in the plaza in the summer watching the "sights" go by... :wink: hehehe
    Then the Co. moved to Fulton and Water. The Seaport was practically in our backdoor. Had a lot of fun there. Do they still have those summer concerts and shows there? I only worked there 2 yrs before the City called, now I work in Brooklyn.
    If y'all want to make this a group get together, just LMK.
  4. jleslie48

    jleslie48 Member

    still the same concerts and the "views" are as nice as ever. I've been meaning to take out my guitar at lunch in that park and play, collect a few coins, just so I can say I was a profesional musician. 8).

    well, it looks like lunch is on order for jim and I next week. I figure a trotskiy can be finished during lunch. Will make some kid happy anyway.

    actually my time is my own, so meeting uptown for lunch is fine for me.

    I imagine for a more inclusive get-together an after 5 meeting is in order.

    I'm free all next week evenings and lunch.
  5. FlintknapperGene

    FlintknapperGene New Member

    Hi Guys
    I'm also interested in meeting; I'm twenty miles north of NYC and could drive in on an evening. Please keep apprised of times & such?
  6. jleslie48

    jleslie48 Member

    Upper Nyack?

    I'm in Monsey (Airmont)

    NYC is still open for me, Everybody seemed to disappear when it came time to pick a place and time....
  7. FlintknapperGene

    FlintknapperGene New Member

    Yup, Upper Nyack. I'd love to get a "regional" chapter going where a trip across the GWB isn't needed, but I can handle it. Carpooling's a thought too. C'mon, guys, commit to something!
  8. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Nah, no one disappeared, Jon, it just took a nasty turn in the weather for a spell and work got nutso.

    I'm still looking forward to at least getting together for lunch, not sure if any model building would be done in that short time, though.

    I'm trying to get my schedule clear in the next few weeks...there's a ship model club I "belong" too, they meet every third Tuesday at the Seaport, but I just can't seem to make the meetings anymore, things are so tight. I live in Suffolk County, Long Island, a good hour and a half commute if not more from downtown, so it's more difficult to find the time to stay late in the City and get home at a reasonable hour before having to start all over again at 5:00 a.m. for the commute back to work. And for the most part court conferences, depositions and meetings take place through the lunch hour, although not every day. The idea of getting together at lunch time is great, I just need to get a date, time and place that is doable. I'd wager you haven't been playing guitar in the park lately...or have you? :wink:

    BTW, anyone from Long Island, NY?

  9. jleslie48

    jleslie48 Member

    Well on the first tuesday of each month, I attend a meeting of the SME, scale modelers enthusiats, in NJ right around the corner of the rt 17 and rt 4 interchange. Nice bunch, about 100 show up, mostly Military plastic models, but some scratch built, and me the lone paper modeller. Usually a guest speaker recounting war days or model competitions around the world, and a modeling contest, awards given out the following month for first, second, and third place, in two or three categories. It would be nice to see more paper models on the tables...

    heres a previous monthly mailer:

    first page has the street address, yahoo maps will get you directions.
  10. jleslie48

    jleslie48 Member

    little on the chilly side. besides I could never compete with those three-part harmony do-wop guys, they're great. My schedule is pretty open so let me know.

    Suffolk? Ouch. Thats a trip. I'm an 1.5 hours in bad weather only, out the door by 7:00am.
  11. jleslie48

    jleslie48 Member

    sme meeting tonight.

    I meant to post this earlier, sorry for the late notice, but I'll be here tonight:


    American Legion post #170
    37 W passaic st
    Rochelle Park, NJ 07762
  12. kk135

    kk135 Member

  13. jleslie48

    jleslie48 Member

    I'll be there. Not sure what I'll enter, but I remember it last year being a great viewing of various models.
  14. modelincard

    modelincard Member

    I'm kinda outta the loop here.[​IMG]First off, I'm from Port Washington, Long Island, NY. I never knew that there were so many card modelers around the NYC area before this.[​IMG](I figured there had to be some, but I never had proof.) So I'm just sounding off and wondering whether there are going to be any more card modeling conventions sometime.[​IMG]
  15. robson

    robson Member

    This event is this coming Saturday? Do you have more details?
  16. jleslie48

    jleslie48 Member

    Modellers meeting this coming tuesday, Bergen County, NJ.

    Just a reminder, this meeting will be coming up this upcoming tuesday.


    American Legion post #170
    37 W passaic st
    Rochelle Park, NJ 07762

    use yahoo maps for directions.
  17. I'm located about midway between NYC and Albany - a good hr and a half trip for me. I don't get to the city much, but I do attend a modeling show each year in Freeport, LI hosted by the Long Island Historical Miniature Collector's Society. I am a long time figure painter, but this year I may bring a couple of card models to the show in addition to my figure exhibit. If anyone is interested in participating, I can provide info. It's a one day show, held at the Freeport Recreation Center each year - usually the weekend before Thanksgiving. I've seen only one or two paper models on display there, along with the plastics, over the years. It would be nice for card models to make a bigger showing, and with a number of paper guys close by -it just might be possible.
  18. Larry

    Larry New Member

    Larry from new York

    Please post the next meeting, location, date & time.
  19. jleslie48

    jleslie48 Member

    all meetings are the first tuesday of each month starting at 6:00pm

    the next meetings in order are:

    tuesday, April 4

    tuesday, May 2

    American Legion post #170
    37 W passaic st
    Rochelle Park, NJ 07762

    use yahoo maps for directions.
  20. Ron Caudillo

    Ron Caudillo Creative Advisory Consultant Moderator

    I'm in Lodi, NJ

    Hi all,
    I've been to a few of the meetings with Jon and it would be great to see more paper creations there as well. Jon recently brought his AWESOME LSAM design and I had my Enterprise Bridge. Everyone there was pretty amazed that they were not plastic kits! I love that reaction!

    I'm in Lodi, NJ (20 miles north of Newark, NJ, 10 miles west of NYC). I'd love to meet some of you other designers and builders also. Work, however, keeps me in Fairfax-Chantilly, VA (24 miles wet of Washington DC) for weeks on end, maybe there are others in this area? I have time during the week and weekends for designing/building. E-mail me if you want to swap stories and/or builds!

    Best Regards,
    Ron Caudillo

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