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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by spitfire, Mar 28, 2004.

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    Steve, I'm pretty sure you CAN paint like that. All I did was thin some pale grey paint and run it down the sides to represent scale - that white stuff left when "hard" water dries. More layers of paint = darker scale. Then a bit of chalk rubbed on.

    Now, I first tried thinning with alcohol which dries quicker, but discovered that it left a darker edge which did not look good at all. Plus it was shiny. A touch up with the base coat (fortunately I had some of the mix left) fixed that problem and I continued with a wash of paint and water.

    Afterwards I did a bit of brushed-on rust on the high points, not too much. Then I smeared on a bit of "pre-rust". This consists of taking a rust-coloured conté stick, rubbing it with your fingers, then rubbing your fingers all over the model. (Do not scratch your nose at this stage!) For good measure I did this with some white chalk and some black as well.

    Voila! Since the goal is an uneven finish, it's actually not that hard at all. In fact the hardest part is the first brushstroke on that perfect finish. Once you've gotten over that hurdle the rest is easy!

    :D Val
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    Nice weathering job Val and a very helpful description of your technique.

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