New Warhawk Ships!!

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Paladin, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Paladin

    Paladin Member

    I don't know if anybody mentioned this already, but on the Sony "Warhawk" site for the game, they now have 2 new downloads, The Chernovan Nemesis( a cool ship), and a more simplified model of the Eucadian Warhawk.
  2. Gainer

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  3. causticphlegm

    causticphlegm Member

    Oh man, that Chernovan one is wicked looking. Just found my next model seeing as how my Millenium Falcon build came to an abrupt end. Thanks!

    Edit - skupper did a nice job on the other one.
  4. Paladin

    Paladin Member

    Yeah, I saw that. He did really great. I told him I had downloaded that one as well, but I haven't tried to build it since I would have to take a couple months to get it done. But, they do have the more simpler version of the Warhawk. The Nemesis looks pretty easy to make as well. It certainly is my next build.
  5. Stev0

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    Here is out artist.

    Seems to be the same fellow providing motorbikes to Yamaha. I sensed something familiar. =)
  6. Ponytail

    Ponytail Member

    Could be me only:
    I just can't come any further then the "license" screen....
  7. Paladin

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    My Chenovan Nemesis

    Finally finished my Nemesis. I printed it out 1/4 the size of the original model, (as you can see in the one photo of it in my hand). In case anyone is wondering, I use some watercolor paints, and a little acrylic paint(water based) to touch up the edges, and fix any spots that might not look right. I usually paint the areas where parts mate up together just to make sure the is no white showing. After all that, I sprayed the model with some Krylon Low Odor Clear Matte Finish just to give it a nice protective finish, and brighten up the colors a bit.

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  8. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    very nice indeed...

    I think if I was to attempt something that small, a ball of screwed up paper with some paint on it would turn out looking better :p
  9. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Ponytail - turn off your pop up blocker - thats what got me at first - a window pops up after you click on the license

    Super build! That is great - and tiny!
  10. Paladin

    Paladin Member

    I realized printing a full size model would take up way too much room on my display shelf. I have very little room now. My wife thinks I need a bigger shelf, or to make a new one.
  11. dansls1

    dansls1 Member

    It came out very nice looking!
  12. Paladin

    Paladin Member

    Thanks, there aren't really a lot of parts, but it took me a few days because I touched up every edge with paint after cutting them out, and before gluing them together. I also test fitted each piece before gluing to make sure they fit, and to find out if I needed to modify them at all. I tend to do that with models I really like.
  13. clif52

    clif52 Banned

    What happened to all of the papermodels on the site? Its been redesigned and I couldn't find the models anymore.

  14. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Looks like they will no longer support or allow more paper models.
  15. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Sheesh... Looks like I downloaded mine just in time >_< Don't like the idea of ripping 3d meshes straight out but have to admit that they're detailed. :)
  16. Harlock

    Harlock New Member

    Hi everyone, I found this forum while searching for some backups of the Warhawk models (since they were removed from the site). I have the bigger version of the Eucadian Warhawk (both parts and istructions) and the parts of the normal versions of the Eucadian Warhawk and the Chernovan Nemesis (missing instructions...). Could someone of you send me (just) the instructions for the (normal) Warhawk and the Nemesis, please? Thank you!
  17. doc_harvey

    doc_harvey Member

    send me your e-mail addy and I'll send ya what I have.

  18. Jackrum

    Jackrum Member

    Could anyone send me the smaller version of the warhawk? I came too late to get a copy. Thanks in advance
  19. omallie

    omallie New Member

    Hello All,
    Can someone please tell me where to go to download the Nemesis version? I can not for the life of me find the correct download link for the Nemesis. THanks, and they look great, too.
  20. Paladin

    Paladin Member

    Omallie, send me a private message with your email, and I'll send it to you.

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