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    WAK Extra 2/2007
    Pz.Kpfw. 35(t)
    Scale: 1:25
    Designer: M.Kurzyński
    Skill level: 4/6
    Parts: 2505
    Sheets with parts: 14
    Assembly draws: 40
    Price: 29 PLN (ca. 10,40 $)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. Amazyah

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    Oh yeah, baby! Another winning model and another must have!:cool:

    Thanks for the great models WAK!!!:thumb:

  3. josve

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    Don't be surprised if this one ends up in my pile.....
    But I could not find it on Wak's site??
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  5. charliec

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    WAK does it again!

    The Pz 35t was an important tank in the early part of WW2 but there hasn't been a good model of the 35t - until now.

    2500 parts in a 170 mm model should keep me interested for a long time.


  6. WAK

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    Few information about model of PzKpfw 35(t):

    Camouflage: HQ's of 1. battalion 11. Armoured Regiment 1. Light Division - Poland - September 1939 - white rectangle on picture of parts isn't mistake, it's marking of that tank ( I08 )

    Designer: Last models of Mariusz in WAK - Tiger (P), PzKpfw I Aufs. F, PzSpWg II Luchs, ... Who has one of these know Mariusz skill level.

    Parts: In model you find tracks in both system to choose: single tracks and belt tracks. Also many parts are additional elements (hatch, wheels, ...) to make them more 3D.

    Interior: In model you don't find interior. We are convinced of needless it when tank has close turret. Most modelars (90-95% we think, when we observe models on exhibitions) will not make it, but price of model will be much bigger.

    Accessories: For PzKpfw 35(t) we have (no foto now) laser cut wheels and frames (price 25 PLN, ca. 8,90$) and laser cut tracks (price 50 PLN, ca.17,80$). In close future we will don't make metal barrel for it (no serious producer on market).

    WWW and E-mail:
    our web page - www.wak.pl
    our e-mail - modele@wak.pl

    Soon (I hope 1 week) we will have new web page with english translation. It's very close but always is something more important to do.

    Photos of Pz.Kpfw.35(t) pre-model:
    WWW.KONRADUS.COM - FORUM MODELARZY KARTONOWYCH - [galeria] PzKpfw 35 (t) - projekt w³asny
    Model is painted most Pactra A-107. Author - Mariusz Kurzynski.
  7. josve

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    I still can't find the model on WAK's site??
    Maybe it isn't released yet??
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    New at this

    Does WAK offer their kits in English versions and if not what other companies offer advanced quality cards?

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