[new] WAK - Morane-Saulnier MoS-30E1 - 1:33

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    Scale: 1:33
    Designer: D. Furczak (DKD-III, IL-2 M3, Junak, ...)
    Skill Level: 2/6
    Parts: 269 (for each plane)
    Sheets with parts: 5
    Assembly sraws: 20
    Price: 17,50 PLN (ca. 7.10 $)

    This model contains two complet french training airplanes used by Polish Air Force in first half of 1920's. Plane in colourful camouflage is from High School of Pilots in Grudziadz, silver model is from School of Pilots in Bydgoszcz.


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    2 in 1 that's good, but 2 Polish plaines? I don't like that. Why not a Polish and a French one? I know that WAK is a Polish editor but not all their clients are also Polish. :cry::cry::cry:

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