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Discussion in 'WarHammer40k' started by silveroxide, Apr 29, 2009.

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    Welcome home!

    When I was down in the Fayetteville area a few years back I saw a guy from 5th group (i think he said 5th.... Mighta been 3rd.... This was back in '03) scratch building some stuff over in the game room at 'The Hobbit'. Never forgot that guy, and now that I've been looking at card models I'm thinking of it even more... Watched him for about 3 hrs one day totally fascinated.


    I was just thinking of you this morning! Welcome back!
  3. silveroxide

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    Thanks for the welcome guys, I am still going through my boxes for my modeling tools and stuff. I bought a fixer upper and have been working on it for out three weeks right after I got back from the Army Heritage day event (you cab check out the event over at papermodelers). I have been working up a sweat with this huge project but It is habitable now and I am living in the house now. New floors, walls, kitchen, dining room and living room. will work on it during the day and at night, I will set up my niche for model building. I have to build my work station first, then on to kit baqshing once again. Again, thanks for the welcome and see you all soon around the forums.:wave::wave::wave:
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    For the record, since they decided my company was no longer desired, I can't see diddly at that site. Alas, the only thing I have missed from there! :)


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