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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by shamus, Jun 19, 2001.

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    Hi all,
    Back in 1994 whilst a member of N.M.R.A., I entered the Amateur Video competition with my then "Raton Snake Valley" HO railroad. I spent over 20 hours making the 7 minuet video complete with authentic sounds. To cut the story short, it won first place, and the video was taken up by the N.M.R.A. and made into a promotional video, along with many other HO and N-scale layouts. This video is still for hire (I think) at the A.C. Kalmbach Memorial Library. Also it was for sale from Steam Powered Videos here in the UK.

    I shall be making a further video on Badger Creek Lumber Company in the near future. This will I expect be around 10 minuets with authentic sounds added. When it is finished, I will let you know, and if anyone would like a copy all I ask is you send me a blank video and postage for the return journey and it's yours. I do know there are differences between UK and American video's, so you may have to get it changed once you receive it. However, the offer is there.

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    Sounds great Shamus. Kewl. Keep me up to date on progress. I intend to "mini-movie" some scences from Garahbara for my webpage. Gotta get around to borrowing the camera though. Oz 's system is the same as the UK. (PAL). I have a video board in my pooter, so I can mpeg/avi video for the net.


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