New video of dioramas. Australian WWII.

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    ... :twisted: More customizing figures.
    Greetings fellow. In my website there's a new video of dioramas. A new pájina dedicated to the war between Australia and Japan during WWII.
    Adventure in Papua New Guinea. The famous call: Kokoda Trail.
    To see this collection of 12 custom shapes and scale 1/10 visit their pájina where there is the video of dioramas ... Kokoda.
    Go ..

    - Enter my website.
    - Scale 1/10.
    - Website: Kokoda.
    ------------------------------Sincerely ... Jorge. :twisted:
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    ... :rolleyes: Dioramas in this video, you can see two genuine machine guns. Bren machine gun and Browning machine gun.
    See again PhotoVideo Kokoda adventure.
    ---------------------------------------Jorge . :twisted:

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