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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by allhallowseve, Sep 13, 2010.

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    great find, thanks.
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    Wasn't there an original Lightcycle somewhere on the net? I know of the Tank, but I thought there was a Lightcycle out there.
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    Nearly ready for unfolding...

    Coming relatively soon...

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    ooooo..... ;)
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    I really need to see this movie!
  10. Vahmp

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    Well worth seeing in 3D theater/cinema, but to see it in regular vision...

    I'd suggest wait for it to come out in DVD.

    The effects are great, but the story line... leaves to be desired. (this is only MHO)
  11. Vahmp

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    BTW: For those who where not sure...

    List just of Tron vehicles papermodels in existence:

    Tron Original;
    1. Cycle, Tron's
    2. Tank
    3. Recognizer

    Tron Legacy;
    1. Cycle, Sam's
    2. Recognizer
    3. Cycle, Clu's
    4. Kevin's white Cycle

    I know they exist, I have them on file.

    (now... my wish list would include all the other vehicles (both from the Original and Legacy movies) ;)

    1. Light Runner; Legacy (Thunderchild's making it! :thumb::mrgreen: YEA!!!! hehehe
    2. Solar Sailer; Original and Legacy
    3. Zark's Carrier; Original
    4. Clu's Carrier; Legacy
    5. Clu's Command Ship (not sure if it's the carrier); Legacy
    6. Light Jet (single pilot Rizzler); Legacy
    7. Light Jet (single pilot Clu. Yes they are different, just like the cycles); Legacy
    8. Light Jet (3 seater); Legacy
    9. Light Tank; Legacy
    10. Light Grid Limo; Legacy

    Oh! And let's not forget "Tron 2.0" (Game)sign1

    11. The Light Cycle is different. An in between "Tron Original" and "Legacy".

    That's alot a models huh!:twisted:sign1sign1sign1
  12. Rhaven Blaack

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  13. ThunderChild

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    I also wouldn't mind the Tron Lightcycles from the legacy games. They are different (older model) than those in the movie
  14. Vahmp

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    Ah... KOOL!
    Thanks for the link Rhaven!

    I'll update me existance list.

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