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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by SLOW, Dec 27, 2002.

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    Hi I was wondering how to get the kink out of my neck, I was holdeing a flash light be tween my sholder and cheek , in one hand (left) is my 280 steem unit, in my right is a tooth pick with one drop of oill, to sneek behind the fourth wheel up inside the front barring! to oill it with , and not too much! some will seep in thir , but I dont feel its not right. The back barring was simpel, dust cover , One drop!! This is an a N gage 280 by spectrum (by bachmanm) thay show nothing about oiling!!! I looked at the skims, you have to be God like , To think that your going to put all the parts where thay GO! After you take them apart!! No I would never do that u would and not ever will not take this appart . I called five loco hobby shops, and no help! NICE!!!! No I did not take this nicely!! when I bought my kAto RSC-2, I had lots of help!!! All Qustions answered!! to the book!!! TEX!! I dont think its nice, when you have poor help!! Ill git around it, IT looks like around the top of the blowdown unit (on top of the boiler) so it can be pull off, so you get inside, for a openning, to oil the frunt berring. and werme gear! I can see some fathers taken chanelocks plyers to move a this Nut!! Marry Chistmass SLow
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    I don't know how to get the kink out of the neck, but what about buying one of those snake lites? Or if you don't get a snake like, how 'bout putting a small deck like with one of those goose necks on the item to free up one hand. We use head mounted magnifying glasses and the third hand clamp. Seems to help us.

    Maybe for thin kink you could try warm/moist heat? If that doesn't work and people ask what you did to get the kink - make up a good story:D

    Good luck

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