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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by csxengineer, Mar 21, 2007.

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    N Scale Union Railroad connecting Homestead (top), to Carrie Furnace (middle) to Edgar Thomson (bottom). 11' x 10'. To be built in sections. Bottom is facing the rest of garage, the other 3 sides are against the walls. 1 duckunder to enter. Rough draft, but you get the idea.

    The concept was originally have a masonite divider seperating ET from Carrie, but instead, I'm thinking about having an elevated track pass through, and at 4' wide, you wont be able to see across the other side, except for the tops of the blast furnaces and rolling mills (which would give the impression of a very large complex. I havent planned out Homestead yet. This gives me continous running, 2 steel mills, and rolling mills in a trackplan similar to the prototype. Whatcha think?

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  2. Russ Bellinis

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    What is the table height? You might be better served with a bridge either hinged or lift out than a duck under. Here is a link to one done by Gary S. on the Gauge.

    Your maximum reach is @ 30", less when there are tall obstructions in the way, perhaps a bit more if the layout is at waist height and you have some sort of hand holds to grab. Can you get to the back side of the steel mill complex to reach those tracks?
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    you probably go with a swing gate or a bridge in place of that duck under.and is the elevated track going to be the mill highline? or just for looks, cause they are pretty steep grades in your space ( about 5-6%).and whats going in the empty space at the top?more steel mill complexes or some green? i did a thread a while ago about my steel mill complex and it and was ALOT of check it out.but so far looks like your plan is comin along.--josh
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    layout height

    Height will be 48". The mills will be on a 4' x 8', which should split them evenly at 2' each. I also have a 8" tall movable platform to stand on when needed. The highline for carrie will need to be 2" taller than blast furnace, so the grade will take about 4 feet to reach it, if I move that switch back. I'm open to all changes. The top area will be mostly rolling mills and yard tracks of the Homestead works.

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